120 Days of Gotchi!

Haunt 2 Raffle | Sept 5–8

Immediately ahead is the Haunt 2 Raffle, where the final 20% of Haunt 2 Portals are up for grabs. All you need are some Drop Tickets (best acquired by staking GHST for Frens points)! Simply visit Aavegotchi.com anytime between the raffle’s opening on Sunday, September 5th, 10am EST (2pm UTC) and it’s conclusion 72 hours later. 3,000 Portals will be distributed to winners on Wednesday, 10am EST via an automated Chainlink VRF raffle. You must enter your Drop Tickets into the raffle before the Chainlink VRF is engaged. Each Drop Ticket represents one chance to win and is, just like a real life raffle, one-time use. Best of luck to all our GHST staking #GotchiGang!

AavegotchiDAO Frens Committee | Sept 16*

Recently, AavegotchiDAO voted to take a major step toward further decentralization by voting to create a Frens Committee. This is to be the first sub-committee of the AavegotchiDAO and tasked with the important duty of managing the various Frens points inflation rates. Frens points are awarded to various staking and LPs all found at Aavegotchi.com/stake-matic. These rates can become dated and are best left to a dedicated and attentive committee that owns this responsibility.

Frens Wearables Raffle #5 | Sept 24–28

Have you been staking GHST, making Frens and ONLY going for Drop Tickets? Well, that is one strategy but certainly not the only one. You may want to save some FRENS (or stake GHST to earn even more!) to exchange for classic wearables Raffle tickets (spanning Common all the way to Godlike).

Baazaar NFT offers feature | Early October

Being able to communicate offers on items listed in the Baazaar NFT marketplace has been a long desired feature request. We have prioritized adding this feature the Baazaar among a few other tweaks ; )

Rarity Farming SZN2 | October

The second Season of Rarity Farming will begin in October, and like Season 1 will last eight weeks. Over three million GHST has been collected from the Haunt 2 BidToEarn auction and trading fees on the Baazaar. Two million GHST will be awarded to Aavegotchis according to the percentages outlined in the Haunt 2 Core Proposal.

REALM land sale #1 | October

The first REALM land sale was originally slated for September, but that calendar is already filled to the brim and we don’t see any reason to rush what we are building. This Bid-to-Earn style auction will feature a special new Auction World Map, with 16,000 REALM Parcels up for grabs, and an associated Drop Ticket Raffle for 4,000 REALM Parcels.

Gotchi renting / lending | November

One of the greatest barriers to wider NFT adoption is the high costs of entry. That’s why we are working hard to deliver multiple routes to interacting with Aavegotchis and the wider ecosystem. Gotchi Renting is one such upgrade. Aavegotchi owners will be able to seamlessly rent/lend their gotchis to a much wider audience of people who want to temporarily possess an Aavegotchi. The reasons for wanting to borrow an Aaegotchi are growing:

  • Access to minigames
  • Access to minigames various rewards
  • Access to 3rd party dapps and features that have “Gotchi Gates”
  • Access to unique farming opportunities
  • Access to the Aarcade
  • Access to The Gotchiverse Realm

The Aarcade | November

The Game Store of the Gotchiconomy is coming. The Aarcade is being designed as a hub for any talented developer or team to come and get their Gotchi Games listed. Likewise, it will be a wonderful source of NFT prizes, XP and even GHST rewards that will attract gotchi owners and borrowers alike! This week’s Gaame Jaam is just the beginning of what will ultimately become a juggernaut in the PlayToEarn NFT world.

REALM land sales 2 & 3 | November — December

The second and third REALM sales are slated to happen in November and December, concluding just before the launch of the Gotchiverse Citaadel!

Gotchiverse Citaadel Launch | December

The Citaadel is on track to launch in December — delivering a massive multiplayer experience with Alchemica Channeling, parcel farming, and much more.

BONUS: Side views launching this week!

Do Gotchis have butts? The answer is finally revealed with the momentous release of side views for Aavegotchis and their Wearables!

Help Build the Gotchiverse with us!

Pixelcraft is well-funded and looking to hire the best and brightest to achieve our vision — a massive multiplayer blockchain game, owned and governed by its players.

  • Senior Solidity Developers
  • Junior Solidity Developers
  • React Frontend Developers
  • QA Engineer
  • Technical Documentation Specialist
  • Senior Game Developer
  • Junior Game Developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Game UI Designer
  • Head of Paartnerships / Outreach
  • Social media specialist
  • Growth specialist

Stay spooky,

Aavegotchi Team



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