Aalpha Leak — Aavegotchi April Community Call

5 min readApr 18, 2021


Couldn’t make the community call? Here’s what you missed!

Part I: Team Building

Time (SGT)

Topic: “Digital economy and IP expert joins Pixelcraft Studios”

Who: Introducing new Aadvisor, Les Borsai

Notes: The call began with gldnXross and CoderDan introducing Les and his new advisory role for Pixelcraft. Les brings a wealth of experience to the table with a well established career that meets at the crossroads of digital assets and culture. Say hi to LB in the Discord anytime!

Topic: “Aavegotchi as a Protocol”

Who: Introducing your local dev evangelists, Coyote & Candoizo

Notes: Pixelcraft’s newest additions shared their goal of open source support for all who want to build on and with Aavegotchis. Look forward to more tooling and libraries for all your dev needs. Join the Aarchitects Discord channel for support and team building. More bounties coming. Minigame-themed hackathons will also be coming soon but very few details were leaked. Needless to say, that will be a fun way to earn GHST and some XP for your gotchis.

Topic: “Wearables Supply Analytics”

Who: LetsGoBankless

Notes: Pixelcraft has commissioned a full wearables supply report from the big brain community member LetsGoBankless. His research reveals the current state of wearables to summoned Aavegotchis ratios by rarity as well as by equip type. Read his full report here and join the dao.aavegotchi.com thread to contribute to the conversation about how often and when to issue trait boosting wearables.

Part II: Collaborations

Topic: “First Aavegotchi bridged to Ethereum and sharded by Unicly”

Who: Unic.ly

Notes: The first five Aavegtochis to cross our just completed ERC721 bridge from Polygon to Ethereum was revealed as complete. Dubbed the “aastronaughts” this crew of gotchis enjoy extremely high ranked rarity scores and will still be able to farm rarity, with GHST earnings going straight to their respective pockets. Thanks to the unic.ly platform, now everyone can gain exposure to these extremely valuable Aavegotchis via sharded uGOTCHI tokens. Total supply is 1 million tokens and they are 100% fairly distributed, Pixelcraft isn’t holding back any supply!

Topic: “Baazaar NFT Market expansion”

Who: Manta of Artvatars

Notes: Manta joined the community call just hours before Artvatar’s launch on Polygon. He shared how the collection features 65 of the crypto community’s most notable artists collaborating in a mashup that only crypto art and smart contracts can achieve. In a plot twist, Artvatars revealed they’re working with Aavegotchi for ways to integrate into a newly expanded Baazaar NFT Marketplace! Be on the lookout for more news soon:™:!

Topic: “Discord x Aavegotchi super-connections”

Who: James of Collab.land

Notes: Collective gasps were head throughout the Discord chat when James revealed that a very special integration with Aavegotchis is almost ready for deployment. Soon we’ll all be able to link our Discord accounts directly to a specific gotchi we own. This unlocks all sorts of potential for XP airdrops, votes, and much more to be executed natively within our Discord!

Topic: “More mini-games and critical tooling”

Who: Haaunt.com

Notes: The team at Haaunt.com were properly introduced for their hard work and awesome deliverables. They’ve already made a name for themselves building some impressive features around the Aavegotchi ecosystem. They shared how they have dedicated their energy to building up tools everyone can benefit from. This is what 100% on-chain is all about!

Topic: “Miami Crypto EXP x Aavegotchi”

Who: BTCQueen of BitBasel

Notes: The first major crypto event of spring is happening April 21 in downtown Miami with a major NFT and crypto art presence. BTCQueen of the organizing BitBasel team joined the call to share details. In perhaps the best swag ever, some lucky attendees will enjoy earning an Aavegotchi wearable, the “Miami T-shirt” will be ready for equipping! The event also features an epic crypto art auction where a 1/1 Aavegotchi themed art designed by the one and only @Xibot will be up for bidding.

Part III: AavegotchiDAO

DAO notes:

  1. “CoreProp for 0.5% Baazaar fee dedicated to rewards pool” — Passed and will be implemented soon.
  2. Next CoreProp potentials include “Aavegotchis for voting power”
  3. Name squatters, especially of @name style gotchis, are warned about squatting enforcement and potential DAO arbitration of any future disputes.
  4. Very brief image of Realm WIP leaked. The contents appeared to be a vaporwave-grid with some Gotchis floating around. Hmm…
  5. Open lines featured CoderDan and gldnXross chatting with community members about various ongoing threads on dao.aavegotchi.com and touched on the topic of what’s left to explore within COCOON V1.5.

That’s probably enough aalpha leaked for one post frens! If you weren’t able to make this call, make sure you tune in next month.

Stay spooky frens!
Aavegotchi Team




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