Aavegotchi ❤ Chainlink Raffle — You Just WON

3 min readNov 15, 2020

Hey frens! We’re excited to announce that our first of three pre-Mainnet GHST Staking Raffles was successfully completed on Nov 13, 2pm UTC.

This event celebrated our partnership with Chainlink and use of their VRF random number generating oracle. This raffle is the only time these exclusive LINK-themed game items will be distributed. EVER.

We’ll give you a play-by-play of everything that happened below… 👇

But first, some stats 📊:

  • 🎟 Tickets entered: 88,962 (1570 Godlikes!)
  • 👩‍💻 Unique Participants: 991
  • 🐸 FRENS entered: 150,827,750
  • 🏆 Prizes won: 6010
  • 👻 % of GHST total supply staked: > 30%

Why a Raffle?

Hidden behind all the noble, soaring promises of DeFi (accessible finance for anyone! 1000% APY!) is a not-so-noble secret: DeFi is a whale’s game. Yield farming is a whale’s game. All of crypto is a whale’s game.

So what’s a project to do when they want to distribute items to their players in a fair, transparent way, without being sybiled into oblivion?

Enter the humble Raffle.

A transparent, verifiably random Raffle is the perfect, Sybil-resistant way to distribute valuable items.

In our Raffle, participants staked GHST token to earn FRENS, a non-transferable balance that could then be converted into Raffle tickets of six different rarity levels.

Converting FRENS points into Raffle tickets meant each player could devise their own strategy. Of course, the less GHST the player staked, the fewer FRENS they could accrue, which limited their ticket choices.

However, that didn’t mean they had no chance of winning! In one aamazing case, a player entered a single Godlike ticket and actually ended up winning a LINK Cube! (Then sold that Cube for 15 ETH! 🤯🤯🤯)

The Raffle lasted for 72 hours total. Once the time had elapsed, a “Draw Random Number” button appeared that, once initiated, engaged Chainlink’s VRF to generate a provably random number used to select the lucky winners of more than 6000 available prizes.

“We’re excited to empower Aavegotchi to host provably fair and unbiased NFT raffles as a means of earning various NFT-based wearables, further showcasing one of the many possibilities unlocked on the blockchain through Chainlink’s innovative oracle technology.”
Johann Eid, Chainlink Product Manager

Swag up your Aavegotchi in the likes of Sergey, Chainlink CEO

The winners were automatically awarded with 6,010 ERC1155 Vouchers for Aavegotchi wearables including various hats, jackets, and items like grenades and walkie talkies. The vouchers are fully convertible to wearable game items once Aavegotchi launches on Mainnet (est. late December).

Besides being fashionable, these game items serve as boosters for each Aavegotchi’s personality traits, enhancing rarity scores and powers once equipped. This is key for augmenting an Aavegotchi’s performance in competition and rarity farming.

Didn’t win any prizes? Don’t sweat it!

There will be two more Raffle events announced before Aavegotchi launches on Mainnet, each with a separate theme.

Keep staking GHST, making FRENS, and buying tickets!

Your Aavegotchis will thank you later.

Learn more about Aavegotchi and by following our Twitter or joining the conversation in the Aavegotchi Discord or Telegram.




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