Aavegotchi Community Update #10

This Week’s Updates Include:

  • Journey to Mainnet Milestone 1: Testnet Portals available starting now!
  • GHST token distributed to over 5700 unique addresses. A 250% weekly increase!
  • AavegotchiDAOs tap’s maiden voyage: adding GHST liquidity on Uniswap
  • Aavegotchi announces integration with Chainlink VRF
  • Aagent Mission 7 “Just DAO it” winning proposals are in
  • This Week’s Mission: MEME CONTEST!

Journey to Mainnet Milestone 1: Testnet portals available starting now!

Last week, we published a piece detailing Aavegotchi’s roadmap to launching on Mainnet. Up to now, everything about Aavegotchi has been completely open and transparent, from our private and presale, to our launch of the bonding curve.

You’ll need some free Kovan GHST to play!

GHST distribution widens by over 250%

The first full week following the launch of the GHST Token Bonding Curve (TCB) saw the numbers of wallets holding GHST increase from 2000 to more than 5700, a roughly 250% increase!

Fair. Wide. B A S E D .

AavegotchiDAO’s tap dedicates first week’s funds to Uniswap liquidity 🚰💰

The AavegotchiDAO tap was immediately put to use to help bootstrap GHST liquidity in the Uniswap GHST/ETH trading pool.

Chainlink VRF integration confirmed 👻💕⛓

We’re excited to confirm that our randomizing solution for portals, mini-games, and much more is going to be executed via Chainlink’s VRF randomizer. You can read more in our recent blog post about this innovative oracle solution and how Aavegotchi will use it.

Mission 7 “Just DAO it” winners announced

Our community’s first DAO related mission was a no-holds-barred brainstorm session taking place on Snapshot. Community members proposed a wide variety of ideas over 20+ proposals! This was a gas-less as well a consequence-free exercise designed to be as open ended as possible.

🥇 First Place: Cap the Curve

Two separate proposals were entered with this idea, and both had the highest amount of votes of any proposal, each totaling over 1M GHST. Therefore, it’s a tie! Each proposing address will receive half the prize money, roughly 166 GHST each.

🥈 Second Place: Get Based

What this proposal lacks in specifics, it makes up for in upvotes. With over 1M GHST voting YES, it’s obvious there is a collab waiting to happen.

🥉 Third Place: Tat me, bro

With 616K GHST voting yes, this brave proposal comes in third place. Aavegotchi4Life! 👻.

This week’s Mission: MEME Contest!

Who doesn’t love an old-fashioned meme contest??

  1. Navigate to and join the official Aavegotchi subreddit at https://reddit.com/r/aavegotchi
  2. Create a dank Aavegotchi meme featuring some aspect of Aavegotchi or GHST token. (Can be non-English)
  3. Post it in r/aavegotchi
  4. Upvote your favs
  5. Post a screenshot of your epic memesterpiece into mission-report8😂 to claim your Level Up!
Post your epic meme into mission-report8😂



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