Aavegotchi Community Update #11

This Week’s Updates Include:

  • Announcing Uniswap LP staking
  • Bug Bounty for GHST staking
  • OKex Nominates GHST
  • Gotchi Memes invade Reddit
  • Aaround the Block

Announcing Uniswap LP staking of GHST

“Show me the incentives, and I’ll show you the outcome.”

Staking Contract BUG BOUNTY

We love seeing the Aavegotchi community coming forward en masse and helping us battle test our staking mechanism on Kovan testnet. So far we’ve had millions of kGHST staked and tens of millions of kFRENS farmed without any incidents yet discovered. But the bar for releasing new smart contracts on Mainnet needs to be higher. After all, there’s not much excitement in stealing testnet money…

OKex Nominates GHST

This week anyone depositing GHST on OKex.com will be helping signal support for listing GHST on their platform. OKex is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world with a massive community, especially in Asian markets.

Gotchi Memes invade Reddit

Aagent Mission #8 is heating up with just under a week remaining. Earn your Mission badge by joining our Discord and sharing your own meme as posted on our newly launched subreddit r/Aavegotchi. The top three upvoted memes will receive GHST prizes of 300, 200, and 100 GHST respectively, so get creative!

d a n k

Aaround the Block: Last Week’s Media Appearances

Happy October!

That’s it for this week’s community update.



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