Aavegotchi Community Update #12

5 min readOct 9, 2020


Hey frens! 👻 This week saw a cambrian explosion of community goodness. Read on for the latest on staking, listings, and creative endeavors that you can directly participate in!

This Week’s Updates Include:

  • Become an Aavegotchi Aartist
  • GHST staking audit update
  • Aavegotchi x OKex Vote Update
  • Announcing meme contest winners
  • New Mission! Aawaken Gotchi Gang
  • Aavegotchi stars in DeFiant’s short film

Aavegotchi Aartists — Open Call

Flex your pixel art skillz by responding to the Open Call for Aavegotchi Aartists.

We’re inviting 5–8 talented community members to work together with Aavegotchi Lead Visionary Xibot, bringing honor and glory to Aavegotchis and yourself by designing wearables (and more).

If you’d like to get creative with us, you can learn more by joining the Discord and messaging @gldnxross or @xibot.

GHST staking update

The GHST staking contracts are ready to go, and have been reviewed by dozens of Solidity experts during our bug bounty. No serious bugs were found. We are 99% confident there are no vulnerabilities in the contracts.

HOWEVER, we’re also extremely fortunate to have been offered an audit by a top auditing firm. The review starts Monday and will require about 7–10 days. An audit further guarantees that funds are safu and stronk results will further showcase the Aavegotchi team’s development skillz.

If no issues are found in the initial review, we plan to launch the staking contracts even before the audit report has been published, so launching staking could potentially be even sooner.

We are very excited to get GHST (and Uniswap GHST-ETH) staking live, but safuty first!

Aavegotchi x OKex VoteUpdate

We are still waiting for the official announcement of the OKex voting competition. Once it’s announced we will update everyone in the Aavegotchi Discord and Telegram chats.

Meme contest winners announced

Speaking of winners, the Mission 8 Aavegotchi meme contest has just completed. The entirety of epic submissions can be enjoyed at our subreddit r/aavegotchi.


The top 6 organic upvoted memes were shortlisted and voted on by the entirety of our community in the Discord.

It was super competitive with all six nominees being so strong in their own ways. The final tally was:

🥇: Aavegotchi PAC MAN (74 votes)

🥈: By Your Powers Combined (47 votes)

🥉: Cozy GHST (41 votes)

#4: Me Choosing My Aavegotchi (35 votes)

#5: Come Play with Us (29 votes)

#6: Oh look! An Aavegotchi! (12 votes)

The top three winners earned themselves a cool 300 GHST, 200 GHST, and 100 GHST respectively. Congrats to all the creatives who participated!

This Week’s Mission: Aawaken, GotchiGang!

This week, the total number of Aavegotchi Aagents smashed past 1000 and continues to steadily grow.

It’s becoming clear now… no longer are you simply Aavegotchi Aagents… you are members of the fast-growing Gotchi Gang!

To celebrate this epic Aacomplishment, this week we’re launching a brand new Mission, and a new contest. Keep reading for all the details…

If you’re not an Aagent yet, what are you waiting for?? Join our Discord and report to #mission-control stat!

We were so blown away by The Defiant’s video on Aavegotchi (see below) that we started wondering…

We’ve got the most vibrant, creative community of any in crypto. The meme competition was an absolute smash hit. But what if memes were just the beginning…? What other Aavegotchi gems are yet to be created, only awaiting their time to shine?

Let’s see what the Gotchi Gang can really do!

For this week’s Mission, we want to see Aagents go beyond the memetic arts, and create a piece of content, either written or visual, about an aspect of Aavegotchi you love.

Shoot a video,write a blog post, do a Twitch stream, it’s up to you. Just make it aavesome.

This week’s Mission, if you choose to accept it:

  1. Create a piece of content about Aavegotchi (blog post or video) and upload it to one (or more) of the following platforms:
  • Video (At least 30 seconds): Youtube, TikTok (Douyin), Kuaishou, Vimeo, Twitch
  • Written (At least 300 words): Cent, Medium, Weibo, Jianshu

2. Retweet+Comment the above Mission 9 tweet along with a link to your content, and @ 2 frens.

3. Post a link to your published tweet in mission-report9📹, to make it easy for our Aapprentices to find and verify your content, and earn your Level Up!

Post a LINK to your Tweet in mission-report9

We’re also using this as a way to discover more talented content creators who can help us spread the Aavegotchi Aanthem.

The top 3 pieces in each category (written and video) as chosen by the core team, will each earn themselves some sweet GHST bounties totaling 300/100/50 respectively, as well as an opportunity to create more content with us.

Winners will be announced two weeks from the date of this post.

Good luck, Aavegotchi Aagent!
(This message will not self-destruct in thirty seconds!)

New DeFiant short highlights Aavegotchi and DeFi NFTs

The coverage Aavegotchi received this week from The Defiant is nothing short of aamazing. If you haven’t yet, make sure to watch and share this top shelf content that is entirely in a league of its own. Watch it here.

I choose you!

That’s it for this week’s Community Update. We’ll also be releasing a new Dev Update shortly, so stay tuned!

Stay spooky fam,
Aavegotchi Team




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