Aavegotchi Community Update #13

3 min readOct 18, 2020

DAO votes, audit reports, and Mainnet staking! It’s been a wild, historic week for Aavegotchi. Check out the recap then dig in for all the scrumptious deets.

This Week’s Updates:

  • AavegotchiDAO’s first onchain vote passes with 99% YES!
  • GHST Staking audit report complete — no exploits!
  • GHST Staking launching on Mainnet within 72 hours
  • Aavegotchi wins the OKex DeFi + NFT listing contest
  • Aavegotchi Mission 9 Content contest is halfway over

AavegotchiDAO’s first onchain vote passes with 99% YES!

Not only was Aavegotchi arguably the first pure DeFi+NFT crypto project, we are also pioneering a new model of funding called a DAICO, first envisioned by Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin back in 2018.

In a DAICO (decentralized autonomous ICO), funds are controlled by the tokenholders, not the core team. The core team (Aavegotchi team) receives an allocation of raised funds each month, known as the “tap”.

When we launched the Aavegotchi GHST token bonding curve, we initially set the tap to 50,000 DAI per month, enough to cover initial costs, but definitely not enough to get Aavegotchi onto Mainnet according to our roadmap.

That’s why on October 15, one month after our DAICO launched, we submitted a proposal to you, the AavegotchiDAO, to raise the tap by 50,000 DAI to a total of 100K DAI.

To our surprise, the proposal met quorum within only a few hours, and currently rests at 10% quorum, with 99% voting YES!

We are extremely grateful to all our GHST tokenholders and DAO participants. This vote of confidence in the Aavegotchi team motivates us all to work harder and ensure we can deliver an aamazing game experience to everyone in December.

GHST Staking audit report complete — no exploits!

After more than week of review, our initial GHST staking audit report came back, with no exploits found! The auditors suggested a few improvements to our code, which we have updated in the official GHST Staking Github repo.

They are still preparing the official report, and we’ll link back to it here when it’s ready.

GHST Staking launching on Mainnet within 72hours

Here at Aavegotchi, we are committed to publishing good, tested, production-ready code for anything that interfaces with our frens’ precious funds.

That is why we jumped at the opportunity to get our GHST contracts staked by a leading audit firm.

Now that the audit is complete, we’re excited to announce that GHST staking will launch on Mainnet within 72 hours of this post.

We’ll be publishing another blog post to officially announce the launch. Until then, check out our previous post on GHST staking, as well as this tweet thread.

Aavegotchi wins the OKex DeFi + NFT listing contest

Competition was fierce, but GHST placed first in the OKEx DeFi + NFT listing contest, with $MEME coming in second place.

Unfortunately, our success was marred by an unfortunate incident — just days after announcing the winner, OKEx disabled withdrawals on all user funds, citing an investigation by the PRC into OKEx founder Star Xu.

We currently have no reason to suspect that our frens’ GHST tokens are in danger, but will keep pressing OKex to resume withdrawals.

Aavegotchi Mission 9 Content contest is halfway over

In last week’s Community Update, we challenged our Aagents to create a piece of content, whether written or video, that would introduce Aavegotchi. Your responses have been aavesome! Here’s a couple of our favorites so far:

Video 1: How to Get Started with Aavegotchi
Video 2: Anon Finds Aavegotchi
Video 3: Aavegotchi is walking!

Text 1: Aavegotchi: Frenly Farming in the Fall
Text 2:
Aavegotchi on Testnet is Here! [Step-by-step Guide]
Text 3:
Aavegotchi: Making your virtual pets work hard for you

If you still haven’t joined the competition, don’t worry! You still have a whole week. Full details are in last week’s Community Update.

That’s it for this week’s Community Update!

Stay tuned for the upcoming GHST Staking launch.

Stay spooky fam,
Aavegotchi team




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