Aavegotchi Community Update #17

This week’s updates include:

  • Aavegotchi launch date confirmed
  • Raffle #2 Concludes — Final Stats
  • Binance lists GHST Token
  • The Missing Link: Helping a fren in need
  • Dev Update — New Portal Flow
  • Aattend: GHST 3 Month Anniversary Event
  • Aaround the Block: Aave Fireside Chat, CGC Dapp

January 4 launch date confirmed 🚀

Raffle #2 Completed — Results are in!

The second Aavegotchi Raffle smashed our previous records for tickets entered. Around 140,000 tickets were entered, compared with the 88,000 of the first Raffle — a roughly 66% increase!

Binance lists GHST Token

This week started with a bang! A good bang! Binance, the world’s leading digital assets exchange, announced their listing of GHST Token on the Innovation Board. The announcement came with very little warning and had our entire team rearranging their schedules to accommodate the inflow of interest.

SantaGotchi Wallet: The Missing LINK

One very sad story did come to our attention this week. Dawid (@D13Kabani) a father of two and Aavegotchi enthusiast staking GHST, made the type of mistake that every crypto user fears the most. He rushed a simple copy pasta, mistakenly sending his entire LINK holdings (the great majority of his on-chain savings) to the GHST staking contract he’d previously interacted with instead of to the Binance deposit address he’d intended. With crypto, there is no undo button and those LINK are irretrievably stuck in the non-upgradeable GHST staking contract.

4000 LINK, sitting cozy forever in the GHST Staking Contracts 😔

Dev Update — New Portal Flow

When we wrote the Aavegotchi Whitepaper back in August, we were excited to include Chainlink VRF as an onchain, verifiable source of randomness for each Aavegotchi.

Aattend: GHST 3 Month Anniversary Party, Monday Dec 14!

Aaround the Block

  • CoinDesk piece about Aavegotchi
  • Aave Fireside Chat — A chat with Aave’s top brass
  • CGC DAPP — NFT x DeFi x Gaming Conference, presentation by gldnXross, the COO of Pixelcraft Studios



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