Aavegotchi Community Update #17

6 min readDec 12, 2020


Binance, Raffle #2 and the Aavegotchi launch date revealed!

Hey frens, so far December has been a huge month for Aavegotchi — it’s really been the culmination of months of focused efforts by everyone, including you, to make Aavegotchi a success! Keep reading for full updates on everything happening with #Gotchigang!

This week’s updates include:

  • Aavegotchi launch date confirmed
  • Raffle #2 Concludes — Final Stats
  • Binance lists GHST Token
  • The Missing Link: Helping a fren in need
  • Dev Update — New Portal Flow
  • Aattend: GHST 3 Month Anniversary Event
  • Aaround the Block: Aave Fireside Chat, CGC Dapp

January 4 launch date confirmed 🚀

The Aavegotchi core smart contracts are currently undergoing multiple simultaneous reviews from some of the top auditors in the industry. We are confident in our work and fully expect positive results before the end of the year. With those audits now underway, we’re able to confirm that the first Haunt of Aavegotchi is due to arrive on Monday, January 4, 2021!

This first Haunt includes 10,000 Portals. Each portal is an ERC-721 NFT that opens to reveal ten completely unique Aavegotchi from which you can claim one. Portals will be released exclusively at Aavegotchi.com and priced at 100 GHST Tokens each. To save on transaction costs, bulk portal orders will be available.

Next week, we will start rolling out a fully-functional Kovan Testnet UI so you can get familiar with the process of buying Portals, claiming Aavegotchis, and even equipping Wearables!

Raffle #2 Completed — Results are in!

The second Aavegotchi Raffle smashed our previous records for tickets entered. Around 140,000 tickets were entered, compared with the 88,000 of the first Raffle — a roughly 66% increase!

Community participation remained strong, with over 860 unique addresses entering tickets, down slightly from the previous 991 of the first Raffle.

This Raffle introduced a unique twist with an official collaboration between Aave and Aavegotchi. 222 additional collectible NFT prizes were raffled off to lucky participants. Expect more collaborations in the future, frens!

Wen third raffle?

We’ll be releasing information about the third Raffle very soon. Stay tuned to the #announcements channel in our Discord, and make sure to hit the 🔔 on Twitter to ensure you get notifications about updates!

Binance lists GHST Token

This week started with a bang! A good bang! Binance, the world’s leading digital assets exchange, announced their listing of GHST Token on the Innovation Board. The announcement came with very little warning and had our entire team rearranging their schedules to accommodate the inflow of interest.

By midday, Gate.io had also listed GHST along with a token rewards competition.

We appreciate the support of Binance and their team’s interest in Aavegotchi. Binance has a massive community of crypto users who we hope will enjoy discovering Aavegotchi at this still very early stage!

SantaGotchi Wallet: The Missing LINK

One very sad story did come to our attention this week. Dawid (@D13Kabani) a father of two and Aavegotchi enthusiast staking GHST, made the type of mistake that every crypto user fears the most. He rushed a simple copy pasta, mistakenly sending his entire LINK holdings (the great majority of his on-chain savings) to the GHST staking contract he’d previously interacted with instead of to the Binance deposit address he’d intended. With crypto, there is no undo button and those LINK are irretrievably stuck in the non-upgradeable GHST staking contract.

4000 LINK, sitting cozy forever in the GHST Staking Contracts 😔

Many of us have had our own learning experiences with crypto, and this can easily be shrugged off as another case of “lesson learned.” BUT just because this situation is not amendable on a technical level, doesn’t mean we as a community, in the spirit of charity and goodwill, can’t do something kind for this poor chap.

That’s why we’ve set up a SantaGotchi Wallet. On Christmas day we will be transferring whatever has been deposited in this wallet to Dawid, a father, GotchiGang member and Link Marine.


Any little bit can help, let’s show our humanity this holiday season and try to help take the edge off for Dawid, even if just a bit.

Dev Update — New Portal Flow

When we wrote the Aavegotchi Whitepaper back in August, we were excited to include Chainlink VRF as an onchain, verifiable source of randomness for each Aavegotchi.

However, engaging the VRF with every single Portal opening is a cost we didn’t want to pass on to users and instead opted for a more social approach: The Portal Summoning Ritual 🧙‍♂️. This ritual occurs every 18 hours (ensuring each time zone gets their day in the sun) and adds another fun social aspect to the Aavegotchi experience.

Here’s a written explanation of how it works, along with a diagram:

New Flow

When a player purchases a Portal, it will automatically be entered into a “VRF batch” that can be executed once every 18 hours. When the batch is executed, all Portals in that batch will be assigned a random number via Chainlink VRF, ensuring that the Aavegotchi’s traits will be provably random.

If a player wants to “opt out” of the batch (thus keeping a pristine, unassigned Portal) they can do so on the Buy Portal interface. Thereafter, if they want to enter their transactions in a batch, it’s a simple transaction to enter.

The player will still need to submit a transaction to “open” their Portal, even after the random number has been assigned.

By using this flow, we are able to reduce costs by over 90%, without sacrificing the core experience of opening Portals.

That means moar funds for Rarity Farming Rewards!

Which leads us to… 👇

Aattend: GHST 3 Month Anniversary Party, Monday Dec 14!

Join us in Aavegotchi Discord this Monday at 9pm SGT / 8am EST for an ebic open voice chat between the entire Aavegotchi core team and all of you! We want to hear the sweet voices of Aaprentices, Aartists, Aarchivers, and Aagents live in real time.

We’re celebrating three months since the launch of the GHST Token Bonding Curve (DAICO) and doing it in style.

Bonus alfa leak: look forward to a GHST Revenue Sharing deep dive to be published just hours before this community call / dance party! Needless to say, there will be plenty to chat about ; )

Aaround the Block

  • CoinDesk piece about Aavegotchi
  • Aave Fireside Chat — A chat with Aave’s top brass
  • CGC DAPP — NFT x DeFi x Gaming Conference, presentation by gldnXross, the COO of Pixelcraft Studios

That’s it for this week’s Community Update!

As always, stay spooky frens!
Aavegotchi Team




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