Aavegotchi Community Update #18

5 min readDec 29, 2020

Raffle #3, the Final Mission, and a NYE Party!

With less than 150 hours left until Mainnet, here at Aavegotchi HQ we’re in overdrive prepping the final details for a spectacular launch. But that doesn’t stop us from having some fun!

Keep reading for all the aavesome activities happening this week!

This week’s updates include:

  • Raffle #3 wearables reveal
  • Tokyo Midnight — Aavegotchi New Year’s Eve Party
  • Santagotchi.eth charity wallet successfully transferred
  • Surprise Aavegotchi X-MAS Eve Testnet Update
  • Mission 12: Moovie Stars

Raffle #3 Wearables Revealed!

Ethereum. The network that has brought us all together on this fantastic voyage. Our third and final pre-launch Raffle celebrates this crazy and wonderful experiment: featuring the 32 ETH coin, Metamask, Nogara the Eagle (Aragon spelled backwards!), and our #half-rekt, anime-loving DeFi degens.

And of course…our lord and savior Visionary Vitalik himself, gazing deep into the future with his All-Seeing Eyes and Galaxy-sized brain!

You can also grab a piece of our summoning team, with Xibot’s mohawk, Mudgen’s Diamond Facet, Coderdan’s Shades, and Gldnxross (golden cross!)’s silky robe.

These wearable NFTs will only be minted during this Raffle, so make sure you save the date!

The Raffle starts December 31 during our NYE Party and concludes 72 hours later, just a day before the first Haunt of Aavegotchis arrive on Ethereum mainnet!

Let the games begin!

(New to all this? Read this blog post explaining GHST staking!)

Tokyo Midnight — Aavegotchi New Year’s Eve Party

Gather the tribes! It’s time to ring in 2021 — Aavegotchi style! Join the core team and special guests in the Aavegotchi Discord where so much will happening during the hour leading up to Tokyo’s Midnight!

We’ll be kicking off the third Raffle, jamming to live music from SWA Music and getting a sneak peak at the Aavegotchi launch. Confetti will also be dropping alongside our token tip-bot’s loot!

Live Music: Live tunes from SWA Music

Launch Day Wearables Reveal: We will reveal these one by one during a live “catwalk” where the host drops each design into the chat.

Team AMA: the team will have open lines in the voice chat for a QnA leading up to the Midnight hour. Anyone can type questions and/or jump on the voice chat and get the lowdown on all things Aavegotchi!

Join Aavegotchi Discord now!

SantaGotchi Wallet: Charity Success!

We’re pleased to confirm that we have successfully transferred the SantaGotchi.eth wallet to the rekt Ethereum early adopter, Dawid (@D13Kabani). Most thrillingly, the balances inside the wallet exceeded over 11,000 USD value at time of transfer! This is a great testament to the charity possible within the crypto community.

Donations received were mostly denominated in ETH and stable coins but 67 different types of ERC20 tokens were donated in total. Santagotchi.eth seems to have achieved an extremely diversified portfolio of blue chips and more.

All addresses that donated at least $20 value (give or take a few dollars) in any ERC20 form will be revealing a wearable Santa Hat during the Aavegotchi launch window.

We wish Dawid and his family the best and hope his journey into crypto adoption is only beginning!

Surprise Aavegotchi X-MAS Eve Testnet Update

Speaking of Santa hats, Coder Dan donned his own Santa outfit on Christmas Eve, delivering a surprise Kovan testnet update for the entire community to enjoy. Like one big stocking stuffer, over 3000 Portals were purchased in the first 18 hours, leading to a glorious testnet experience. #GotchiFam was so stronk that we emptied the kETH faucet!

Portals are currently sold out on testnet, but a new Haunt is coming soon! In the meantime, you can ask a fren in the #testers channel to lend you one.

The Final Mission: Moovie Stars

Well well well, here we are frens. Mission 12. The Final Mission. As an Aavegotchi Aagent, you’ve waited long for this day. And if you’re not yet an Aagent… you better join the Discord right now and get started while all 12 missions remain open. Honour, glory and wearables only for the highest ranking Aagents await you!

You’ve honed your shillskills through months of training, and now it’s time to unleash them against the Final Boss: Youtube!

With Aavegotchi’s launch just around the corner, it’s time to let your favorite Crypto Youtubers know that #GotchiGang is coming.

We at Aavegotchi HQ understand there is a fine line between shilling and spamming, and our best Aagents know that too. But to prevent our collective game of graffiti from getting out of control, we ask all Aagents to follow these rules:

  1. Only tag recent videos (< 1 month old)
  2. Read through the comments of a video BEFORE you post your comment
  3. If you see it’s been tagged by 3 Aagents already, MOVE ON to another video.

Aagents who don’t follow these rules will NOT be eligible for a level up!

This week’s Mission, if you choose to accept it:

  1. Get in your shill master mindset.
  2. Visit your two favorite youtube crypto channels with over 100 subscribers and leave comments promoting the arrival of Aavegotchis on January 4!
  3. Snap a screen grab and return the two pieces of evidence to the mission-report12😍 channel in Aavegotchi Discord to claim your Level Up.

REMEMBER, we are mere hours away from Mainnet, so it’s crunch time Aagents! Any Aagent who has reached maximum level when Aavegotchi launches will receive a full Aagent wearables set that is absolutely exclusive to top Aagents like yourself. Frens, LFG!!

NOTE: In order to be eligible for the Aagent Wearable airdrop, you may need to pass a brief voice chat with one of the lovely Aavegotchi Aapprentices, to be sure you are not a single human running multiple accounts. They will ask you some VERY simple questions about Aavegotchi that any Aagent should be able to answer!

Good luck, Aavegotchi Aagent!
(This message and all previous Aagent messages WILL self-destruct after Mainnet Launch.)

That’s it for this week’s Community Update.

Stay spooky frens!
Aavegotchi Team




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