Aavegotchi Community Update #2

Hi frens! It’s been an action-packed week here at the Aavegotchi Headquarters.

Read the highlights below, and if that’s not enough, keep reading for a deep dive!


  • Coder Dan and GldnXross chatted with John Light from Aragon about using Aragon’s fundraising template for upcoming DAICO sale of $GHST👻
  • New graphics released showing $LEND, $LINK, and $SNX collaterals staked into Aavegotchis!
  • Based on community feedback, suggestions from Aave, and internal discussion, simplified the method of claiming Aavegotchis from portals.

Nick Mudge joins the Aavegotchi team as Solidity smart contract advisor 🚀

ERC998 Composables allow ERC721 to hold other NFTs, which will allow our Aavegotchis to equip funny hats, swords, and many other items. It’s turtles all the way down, folks.

Want to be an advisor to Aavegotchi? DM us from the Aavegotchi Discord and shill us your skillz.

Coder Dan and Gldnxross chatted with John Light from Aragon about using Aragon’s fundraising 💰

Aragon has been one of our top choices for a while, given their proven track record, intuitive UI, and extensive collection of DAO-apps. Our discussion with John answered many questions we had about the process.

At the same time, DAOStack has reached out to us, and we’ve scheduled a meeting to learn more about launching a DAICO on DAOStack.

What do you guys think? Aragon? DAOStack? MolochDAO??
Tell us in the chat!

New graphics released showing $LEND, $LINK, and $SNX collaterals staked into Aavegotchis 👀

What other tokens are you excited to stake in your Aavegotchi?

Simplified the process of summoning an Aavegotchi 👻

aToken interest will still be used in lots of fun and exciting ways, such as prizes for competing in mini-games. We just don’t think it’s wise to tie a core game mechanic to such an unstable element 💣👻💥

Aavegotchi Roadmap 🛣

This week we discussed potential token economics of $GHST with Lisa Tay, a token economics designer.

Smart contracts should be delivered in late August/early September, and will undergo a full audit before being deployed to Mainnet.

(Audits are expensive…hence the DAICO)

When whitepaper sir?

Wanna get involved?

Stay tuned, we’ll be launching a Beta Testers mailing list very soon.

That’s it for this week’s update! Until next time…

Stay spooky fam,
Aavegotchi team

oh what’s this? Aavegotchi swag??? omgiwantone 😍

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