Aavegotchi Community Update #20

This week’s updates include:

  • AGIP#2 and AGIP#3 votes smash quorum with 8hrs remaining!
  • The “Gotchi Bridge” open for traffic!
  • GHST staking contract to launch alongside bridge
  • GHST-QUICK LP farming guide
  • Localized Aavegotchi Telegrams Grow!

AavegotchiDAO Blasts Past Quorum Threshold 🚀

Two Aavegotchi Improvement Proposals are currently live on Aragon for on-chain voting. The first is AGIP#2, a proposal to add 0.3% fee for buy and sell orders on the GHST bonding curve. The other is AGIP#3, a proposal to increase the tap by 50k DAI / month for purchasing GHST to use as growth incentives. Both of these passed initial signaling via a Snapshot vote and are now being voted on by GHST token holders on the Aragon UI.

Vrooom!! “The Gotchi Bridge” is Now Open!

Stake GHST, Make FRENS on Matic

Once you cross the bridge, you’ll find greener pastures of speed and virtually non-existent fees. You’ll discover fast-growing infrastructure like QuickSwap (a line-for-line fork of UniSwap) and, as of Wednesday 9am EST / 10pm SGT on January 20th, you’ll also find the GHST Staking Contract!

This is what’s called a pro farmer move

Either way, you just win!

Korean, French and Spanish communities now live on telegram.

Our recently launched Aambassador’s program continues to grow with more languages and regions being added every week. Make sure to join these localized Telegram’s below if you have the communication chops!

Aavegotchi is Sponsoring MarketMake — An ETHGlobal Hackathon!

MarketMake just kicked off and Aavegotchi is already fielding interest from hackers looking to build on top of our protocol!

Developer Update — Removing the Blockers

Our lead developers coderdan and mudgen have been working tirelessly to remove the final blockers for our launch on Matic.



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