Aavegotchi Community Update #5

4 min readAug 12, 2020


Hi fren, hope you’re having an aavesome week! We’ve been busy as banshees this week, preparing all the materials for the upcoming GHST distribution and ensuring the Ghostbusters don’t come after us!

Check out the highlights of our week, and keep reading to unlock this week’s Mission and see new concept art from our Chief Visionary Xibot 🚀


  • Latest updates on our upcoming GHST distribution
  • Aavegotchi Aagents is now 120 members strong 💪
  • This week’s Mission: Contribute to C.R.A.P. 📜
  • Sneak peak of the Aavegotchi Metaverse 🌳

GHST distribution update

  • The Aavegotchi Slide Deck has been published
    View it here. If you’re signed into Figma, you can also add comments by clicking the 💬 button at the top.
  • The Aavegotchi Whitepaper is finished and has been sent for legal review to ensure compliance
    The Whitepaper is the guiding document for the entire Aavegotchi project, so we want to make sure it’s perfect before sharing it.
Actual preview of the Aavegotchi Whitepaper
  • Registered the official legal entity of Aavegotchi — Pixelcraft Studios
    Pixelcraft Studios is a Singapore registered entity whose mission is to build out the AavegotchiDAO and core product.

Sneak peek at the first draft of our Bonding Curve front-end!

Buying GHST token via a bonding curve (numbers are just placeholders)

Aavegotchi Aagents is over 120 members strong!

Dare we call it the…Aavegotchi Aarmy?
(Maybe once we hit 1000 members💪)

What’s the benefit in becoming an Aagent? This tweet on the Aavegotchi Twitter explains it in crystal clear detail:

vote for pedro

To help ensure all Aagents get rewarded for their Mission Accomplished in a timely manner, we’re happy to introduce a new role in the Discord:
Aavegotchi Aapprentices!

Shadowcrypto, vanilladelphia.eth, hackingmoneyph and unintelligent_nerd will be online during Eastern timezones, and our community manager JC will manage the Western timezones.

Complete your mission and watch magically as your level rises in realtime!

This week’s Mission: Contribute to C.R.A.P. 📜

You’ve read the Litepaper…
You’ve invited your friends to the Discord…
And you’ve just finished checking out the slide deck.

But have you ever thought, “I get it… but it’s so much to explain. How will I ever shill my Uber driver, or my mailman to buy an Aavegotchi?? If only there were a script or something…”

Your wish is granted! 🧞‍♂️

Introducing the Community Ritten Aavegotchi Pitch (C.R.A.P.) — a collaborative Aavegotchi script, written by you! That’s right, you were the hero you needed all along!

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid

How to participate

  1. Familiarize yourself with the intricate details of the Aavegotchi Slide Deck (and Litepaper, if you haven’t already).
  2. Navigate to the C.R.A.P editable Google doc, located here.
  3. Pick a slide you’re feeling knowledgeable about, and start writing! Imagine you were pitching Aavegotchi to your barber, your mom, or your waifu doll. How can you best explain it to make them feel the aaaaaaa?
  4. Write a few sentences (1–3) under a slide you like. Feel free to edit others’ pitches if you feel like yours is significantly better, but do not maliciously delete or remove content, and please keep it SFW. Remember those Aapprentices we mentioned? They’re watching… Any Aagents found breaking the rules will be DEMOTED one Level.
  5. After your C.R.A.P contribution is complete, take a screenshot and post it into the official Aavegotchi Discord #mission-report3 channel to claim your shiny new Aagent Level.

Good luck, Aavegotchi Aagent!
(This message will not self-destruct in thirty seconds!)

Send your reports to #mission-report3

Sneak peak of the Aavegotchi Metaverse

Aavegotchis congregating in the AavegotchiDAO town hall to discuss and vote on proposals

That’s it for this week’s community update!

Stay spooky fam,
Aavegotchi team




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