Aavegotchi Community Update #6

This Week’s Highlights

  • GHST Distribution Update — Private sale has sold out
  • Aavegotchi Aagents is now 150 members strong 💪
  • Aavegotchi is on Telegram now
  • This week’s Mission: Based and Brightest
  • ALPHA LEAK: Three limited edition Aagent Earpieces
  • Dev Update — Hand-optimized SVGs

Aavegotchi just launched on Telegram

Join the official Aavegotchi Familia TG group: https://t.me/aavegotchi
(Missions are still issued and completed in Discord)

GHST Distribution Update — Private sale has sold out

Thank you to all of the participants of the Private Sale. All were based and upstanding Aagents of the Aavegotchi Discord server.

Official Aavegotchi Whitepaper is released

The Whitepaper release is the culmination of months of brainstorming and ideation. Although it is released, it is still a living document, and details within may change before Mainnet launch.

Aavegotchi Aagents is over 150 members strong! 💪

Thanks to the power of memetic magic and relentless shilling, the Aavegotchi Aagent Aarmy has grown to more than 150 members.

This Week’s Mission: Based and Brightest

A key skill for any aspiring Aavegotchi Aagent is the ability to shill Aavegotchi relentlessly, no matter the circumstance.

I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life
  1. Thoroughly peruse the newly-released Aavegotchi Whitepaper. Master the blade.
  2. Retweet+comment this tweet by @aavegotchi. Comment your favorite line from the Whitepaper, or get creative and shill Aavegotchi in your own spicy words.
  3. @ or mention other Twitter accounts in your RT .
  4. Post a screenshot of your retweet in the #mission-report4🐦 channel to claim your Aagent Level Up.

ALPHA LEAK: Three limited edition Aagent Earpieces

What’s that? A giveaway?

Aagent w/ earpiece

Aavegotchi Dev Update — Hand-optimized SVGs

Our Solidity Lead Nick Mudge has been experimenting with storing SVG files on the blockchain to ensure Aavegotchis will persist on the blockchain for millenia to come. To keep costs low, we ran each SVG file through an optimizer to ensure the smallest file size.

Halp it’s too complex



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