Aavegotchi Community Update #8

4 min readSep 3, 2020

Hi frens 👻! Things are heating up here at the Aavegotchi summoner’s HQ. Check out the highlights below then keep reading for the exquisite details and receive this week’s MISSION! 👇


  • Aavegotchi Token Bonding Curve (TBC) launched on Rinkeby testnet — over 10mil rDAI locked already!
  • Successfully hosted our first Aavegotchi Aask Me Aanything (AMA) in TG
  • Preview video of Aavegotchis being minted on Kovan testnet
  • New Medium article: Chad Buys GHST Token
  • This week’s mission: Pahmp It
  • Wen pre-sale and mainnet bonding curve, sir?

Aavegotchi Token Bonding Curve (TBC) launched on Rinkeby testnet, over 10mil rDAI locked already!

We’re excited to announce that the Aavegotchi Token Bonding Curve powered by Aragon has launched on the Rinkeby testnet.

This week more than 50 high-ranking Aavegotchi Aagents earned their TESTER badge by buying and selling $GHST token (the governance token of Aavegotchi) on the bonding curve. Testers discovered bugs that were then promptly terminated by our lead dev


> 11mil rDAI worth more than 32mil GHST locked so far, not bad fam

Successfully hosted our first Aavegotchi Aask Me Aanything (AMA) in Aavegotchi Fam Telegram

On September 1 the Summoning team held its first AMA in the official Aavegotchi Family telegram group.

View the entire chat from the beginning here.

Preview video of Aavegotchis being minted on Kovan testnet

During the AMA, we dropped a preview of Aavegotchis being minted and rendered from Ethereum smart contracts on Kovan testnet.

Aavegotchis are 100% onchain, including name, traits, and even their artwork! Our Solidity lead Nick Mudge has done some brilliant work optimizing and storing SVG files onchain in a gas-friendly way.

Check the video below to see Aavegotchis being minted and equipping wearables, live on Kovan testnet. If you’re feeling brave, try it for yourself over here.

New Medium article: Chad Buys GHST Token

Bonding curves are still very new, and many frens aren’t familiar with buying, selling, and claiming their tokens from the curve.

This week we published a brief tutorial on how to interact with the Aavegotchi token bonding curve.

View it here.

This week’s mission: Pahmp it

The Aavegotchi Aagent Aarmy has grown massively in the last few weeks, now numbering over two-hundred stronk. Aagents come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common — a burning desire to own DeFi-staked crypto collectibles known as Aavegotchis.

It won’t be much longer, fam…

Up to now, most of our missions have been geared towards education. Before our Aagents engage others, they must themselves master the Blade.

But this week is different…

This week, we are unleashing the mighty power of our Aagents in an energetic tidal wave upon our newly-created Rinkeby Token Bonding Curve. Aagents will be tasked with acquiring ammunition and firing it into the curve.

How high can it go? That’s up to you, Aagent…

This week’s Mission, if you choose to accept it:

  1. Read the Medium post Chad Buys GHST Token.
  2. Acquire rETH from the faucet here.
  3. Acquire rDAI from the faucet here.
  4. Head to https://rinkeby.aavegotchi.com/curve and SMASH that BUY button!
  5. Claim your GHST from the curve and post a screenshot of your Claimed tx to claim your Level Up.
  6. (Optional) The Rinkeby Bonding Curve does not require KYC, but the Mainnet one will. Click the “Perform KYC” button after logging in to submit your KYC and get whitelisted for the Mainnet bonding curve.

(Faucet not working? Be patient, it can take up to 30 mins to receive your ETH. But if that doesn’t work, head over to #mission-support to acquire some rETH from our aapprentices.)

Post a screenshot of your order with status CLAIMED
Post your screenshot here

Good luck, Aavegotchi Aagent!
(This message will not self-destruct in thirty seconds!)

Wen pre-sale and mainnet bonding curve, sir?

As long as everything goes smoothly with the token bonding curve this week, we should be announcing detailed dates for the pre-sale and opening of the bonding curve on Ethereum mainnet this week.

That’s it for this week’s update.

Stay spooky fam,
Aavegotchi team




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