Aavegotchi DeFi RPG Wearables Raffle Revealed

5 min readJan 12, 2022

Cop some fresh gear before the Gotchiverse launches with 24 new Wearables up for grabs!

Hey frens, we’re kicking off 2022 with the sixth and largest Aavegotchi wearables raffle yet!

Twenty four new pieces take inspiration from the upcoming Gotchiverse “DeFi RPG” and imagine a new cast of characters that may one day populate the world.

Notably, this is the first wearables series to have their trait modifiers recommended by AavegotchiDAO’s own Wearables Taask Force (WTF).

One look and you’ll know these thoughtful designs are spearheaded by the pixel maestro himself, Xibot, and tailor-made for faithful stakers of GHST token.

…You are staking GHST right, anon? Or even better, LPing with GHST?

If the answer is no, you can still make it. Start staking at https://aavegotchi.com/stake-polygon or hit up the Baazaar NFT Marketplace to cop your own raffle tickets immediately.

Raffle Details


The Raffle will open on January 26th at 2pm UTC and last through January 29. During this period, you’ll be able to enter your (one-time use) Raffle tickets.

On Saturday the 29th at 2PM UTC, the raffle will conclude with an automated drawing powered by Chainlink’s random number generator and all winners will be revealed.

Got a busy Saturday planned? No worries, you can collect your winnings any time after the raffle’s conclusion.


To participate, simply get yourself some Raffle Tickets. There are two ways:

Lossless: Stake GHST > Make FRENS > Convert to Raffle Tickets > Enter Raffle

Degen: Visit Baazaar NFT Marketplace > Buy Raffle Tickets > Enter Raffle


The Aavegotchi RPG Raffle introduces 7 completely new sets, with each set having three, four, or even five unique wearables included, for a grand total of 24 new items that range across all rarity levels!

Each wearable brings its own trait boosters that also provide a “set bonus” when all three or four items are equipped together. Keep your eyes peeled for the release of Set Bonuses on the Wiki.

Now, without further ado, we are proud to present the Aavegotchi DeFi RPG Wearables Collection!

Aavegotchi DeFi RPG Collection​


Fierce warriors of legend who inspire terror in their opponents.

Kabuto Helmet (Godlike): +3 AGG, +3 SPK
Yoroi Armor (Godlike): +3 AGG, +3 SPK
Hanzo Katana (Godlike): +2 AGG, +4 SPK

Citaadel Knight (4 pieces)

Loyal Guardians of the Great Portal, trained by the Aadepts.

Citaadel Helm (Mythical) : +3 NRG, -2 AGG
Plate Armor (Mythical): +3 NRG, -2 AGG
Spirit Sword (Mythical): +2 NRG, -3 AGG
Plate Shield (Mythical): -5 AGG

Fairy (4 pieces)

Carefree denizen of the Gotchiverse guarded by a vigilant butterfly.

Sus Butterfly (Legendary): +4 AGG
Flower Studs (Legendary): -2 NRG, -2 SPK
Fairy Wings (Legendary): -2 NRG, -2 SPK
Red Hair (Legendary): -2 NRG, -2 SPK

Geisha (4 pieces)

Seductive entertainer who keeps cool under pressure.

Alluring Eyes (Rare): -2 AGG, +1 BRN
Geisha Headpiece (Rare): -2 NRG -1 AGG
Kimono (Rare): -1 NRG -2 AGG
Paper Fan (Rare): -3 AGG

Raanger (3 pieces)

Skilled marksghost who can hit a Rofl from 1000 meters away.

Feathered Cap (Uncommon): -2 NRG, -1 SPK
Longbow (Uncommon): –1 AGG, +1 BRN
Leather Tunic (Common): -1 NRG

Baarbarian (4 pieces)

Stormed the gates of the Citaadel then decided to stay.

Horned Helmet (Common): -1 BRN
Animal Skins (Uncommon): +2 AGG
Double-sided Axe (Uncommon): +1 AGG -1 BRN
Forked Beard (Common): +1 AGG

Aarcher (3 pieces)

First line of defense against the Lickquidators.

Brunette Ponytail (Common): -1 AGG
Leather Tunic (Common): -1 NRG
Bow and Arrow (Common): -1 AGG

That’s it! If it’s your first rodeo, you’re probably very confused about what these stats mean. Keep reading for a full explanation.

What do these stats mean?

Aavegotchis have four traits that can be modified by wearables:

AGG = Aggressiveness
NRG = Energy
SPK = Spookiness
BRN = Brain Size

The traits of “Eye Color” and “Eye Shape” cannot be modified by wearables.

Note: Negative values do not mean the trait is getting “weaker”. Aavegotchi traits are distributed on a bell curve, so the extremes (0,1) and (99,100) are actually the best!

Equipping wearables affects two aspects of your Aavegotchi’s metadata:

First, it will affect the personality traits that exist on the above bell curve. You want to continually be pushing your Aavegotchi’s natural traits further to the extremes.

The second wearables’ effect is regarding Base Rarity Score (BRS). Each Aavegotchi has one BRS score that changes dynamically in accordance with its personality traits, equipped wearables and eye traits. The former two can be changed while the eyes always remain the same. So when you are considering what to win, keep in mind that the BRS boost is tied directly to each wearable’s rarity level. In the above chart you can see that a common item will boost this score by +1 while a Godlike offers a dramatic +50 boost.

What Next?

The Raffle begins in two weeks, which means you have plenty of time to start staking and earning Raffle Tickets!

Visit https://aavegotchi.com/stake-polygon to explore the different staking options, including single-staking GHST or providing liquidity on Quickswap and Sushiswap.

Then join the frenliest community in crypto at discord.gg/aavegotchi to keep up with all the latest news about Aavegotchi.

See you at the Raffle frens!

Stay spooky,
Aavegotchi team




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