Aavegotchi DeFi RPG Wearables Raffle Revealed

Raffle Details


The Raffle will open on January 26th at 2pm UTC and last through January 29. During this period, you’ll be able to enter your (one-time use) Raffle tickets.


To participate, simply get yourself some Raffle Tickets. There are two ways:


The Aavegotchi RPG Raffle introduces 7 completely new sets, with each set having three, four, or even five unique wearables included, for a grand total of 24 new items that range across all rarity levels!

Aavegotchi DeFi RPG Collection​


Fierce warriors of legend who inspire terror in their opponents.

Citaadel Knight (4 pieces)

Loyal Guardians of the Great Portal, trained by the Aadepts.

Fairy (4 pieces)

Carefree denizen of the Gotchiverse guarded by a vigilant butterfly.

Geisha (4 pieces)

Seductive entertainer who keeps cool under pressure.

Raanger (3 pieces)

Skilled marksghost who can hit a Rofl from 1000 meters away.

Baarbarian (4 pieces)

Stormed the gates of the Citaadel then decided to stay.

Aarcher (3 pieces)

First line of defense against the Lickquidators.

What do these stats mean?

What Next?

The Raffle begins in two weeks, which means you have plenty of time to start staking and earning Raffle Tickets!



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