Aavegotchi Dev Update #2

2 min readOct 13, 2020


Start opening your Portals today on Kovan testnet!

Hey frens! Now that the GHST Staking contracts have been finalized and sent off for audit, we have been working full-time on pushing new updates for the Aavegotchi game.

This week we made huge progress on both smart contracts and frontend UI.

Summon and name your Aavegotchis!

Here’s the actions available in this latest iteration:

  1. Claim Kovan GHST if you haven’t already
  2. Buy a Portal (or 100, up to you!)
  3. Open your Portal to see what’s inside
  4. View the collateral and stats of each Aavegotchi
  5. Get Kovan testnet tokens from testnet.aave.com/faucet
  6. Deposit your testnet tokens into Aave to get aTokens
  7. Claim your favorite Aavegotchi from the Portal by staking aTokens
  8. Give your Aavegotchi a unique name!

A couple notes:

  1. The minimum stake amount is currently set to “1” for each Aavegotchi. We have not yet implemented the minimum stake based on rarity score. Coming soon!
  2. This list of collaterals is not complete. There are many collaterals (such as REN and YFI) that are not available on Kovan testnet.

And a caveat:

While we are trying to maintain consistency between upgrades to prevent having to redeploy the contract, occasionally we must make breaking changes that force us to redeploy. So don’t get too attached to your testnet gotchis!

Wen Mainnet staking?

Safety of our users’ funds is of paramount importance to us, which is why we decided to use funds from our monthly tap to pay for a *not cheap* audit on the GHST staking contracts. Even though we’re not expecting auditors to find anything, we want everyone to know that their funds are safu with GHST.

The audit began on Oct. 9 and is expected to last for 1–2 weeks. Once we have received confirmation that no exploits were found in the contract, we will deploy the GHST staking contracts onto Mainnet.

WARNING: Do not “take the initiative” by deploying the contracts first. Only tickets from contracts deployed by the Aavegotchi Team will be valid for raffles in the future!

Currently supported collaterals:

Address: 0x58AD4cB396411B691A9AAb6F74545b2C5217FE6a
Name: aDAI

Address: 0xD483B49F2d55D2c53D32bE6efF735cB001880F79
Name: aETH

Address: 0x02F626c6ccb6D2ebC071c068DC1f02Bf5693416a
Name: aUSDC

Address: 0xb4D480f963f4F685F1D51d2B6159D126658B1dA8
Name: aSNX

Address: 0xA79383e0d2925527ba5Ec1c1bcaA13c28EE00314
Name: aTUSD

Address: 0xEC23855Ff01012E1823807CE19a790CeBc4A64dA
name: aLINK

Address: 0xa2facD0F9Ef0Bb75cFc64Ad692F79378b5C3673a
name: aLEND




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