Aavegotchi Ecosystem Grants launches to support game development, dapps and moar!

Two Grant Tracks

This first cohort will see funding devoted to those who develop DApps within the following two main tracks:

Game Track

This track is open for anyone creating games from scratch or building on what has already been accomplished with game jam projects. Notably, this track has grants funding provided by Pixelcraft Studios and matched by our frens at Polygon Studios and Moralis.

Ecosystem Track

This track is supported by Pixelcraft Studios and Moralis and is meant for every DApp, analytics platform, or viral gotchi experience that you have in mind to build. The scope is simply limited to funding the development of DApps that provide value to the Aavegotchi Ecosystem.

Grant Details

Grants will range in size between 500 DAI to 5,000 DAI and will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The status and progress of the team’s MVP (or previous projects).
  • The execution capability of the team (or individual).
  • The extent and use of Aavegotchi/web3 features.
  • The benefit the project provides to Aavegotchi ecosystem participants
  • Potential for the project’s longevity and /or business viability.
  • The efficiency of the capital / grant usage.

How to apply

We aim to make this process as quickly as possible, so you can continue focusing on #BUIDLing your project.

  1. Names and links of your team members (e.g. twitter/linkedIn/etc).
  2. Role or specialty of each member (e.g. full stack dev, solidity dev, designer).
  3. Describe what you are building in 1–3 sentences.
  4. Describe how this contributes to the Aavegotchi Ecosystem or how it helps Aavegotchi ecosystem participants (in 1–3 sentences).
  5. Describe how you will ensure your project’s viability / turn it into a business (in 1–3 sentences).
  6. Describe the grant size you are requesting and why (in 1–3 sentences). Note: lower grant amounts are preferred and show how efficient you can be with the capital.
  7. Any links to your MVP, source code, or previous projects.

What we’re looking for

This is quite an open-ended grant program, so as long as your project contributes to the Aavegotchi ecosystem or helps Aavegotchi ecosystem participants in some way, you can apply.

Stay spooky frens!

Aavegotchi team



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