Aavegotchi game mechanics make full use of Chainlink VRF

  • What is verifiable randomness
  • How to summon your first Aavegotchi
  • How Aavegotchi mini-games use Chainlink VRF

What is Chainlink VRF

Randomness is an important element to many computer games, but verifying that randomness is unhackable and legit is not an easy undertaking. In fact, it’s downright difficult. Smart contract developers using randomness as a key input must work hard to protect against vulnerabilities in their randomness algorithms, an attack vector that has led to hacks of NFT projects in the past. For example, many off-chain solutions require trust in central data providers or developers, while on-chain solutions like Blockhash have been subject to miner attacks.

How to summon your first Aavegotchi

Many have been asking whether they can pick and choose any Aavegotchi they want, like ordering a new hair dryer on Amazon or a pizza. The answer is of course not, Aavegotchi hail from an entirely different realm and can be summoned via very powerful tools that are only now being built. The portals we are building simply wouldn’t be possible without Chainlink VRF. It’d be like Marty McFly’s time machine without a flux capacitor. So read on to learn how you can summon your first Aavegotchi and how Chainlink’s oracle services make it possible!

How Aavegotchi mini-games use Chainlink VRF

Aavegotchi love to compete. Sometimes the games are just for fun and sometimes there is more “at stake”. When honour, XP, and even yield are on the line, everyone needs to know the results are based on true randomness and cannot be gamed.


The future of gaming is here and it’s based; based on true ownership, interoperability, governance and verifiable randomness provided by Chainlink VRF.



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