Aavegotchi Weekly Update #1

2 min readJul 14, 2020


Hey Aave fam! Did you know that Aave means ghost in Finnish? 👻

Aave picked the name because it signifies radical transparency, and as an Aave Ecosystem Grant recipient project, we at Aavegotchi fully embrace that vision. 🔍

Every week or two, we’ll be posting Aavegotchi Updates so you’ll know exactly what’s happening behind the scenes.

Our project is still extremely early-stage, so you may have questions that we can’t answer yet, but we’ll do our best!

Be sure to join our Discord to hangout and learn more about the project.

Last Week


We found the missing piece of our Aavegotchi Dream Team! Designer and pixel artist, Xavier aka Xibot.

Xibot is an extremely talented designer and we’re super lucky to have him onboard! He’s the one who created our new, gorgeous Aavegotchi logo!

White paper progress

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and discussing the tokenomics of Aavegotchi, as well as how Aavegotchi as an NFT project can be composable and interopable with other players in the NFT world.

Some highlights of last week’s work:

  • Confirmed all of the core attributes of Aavegotchis
  • Fleshed out tokenomics of the GHST token (working title)
  • Continued discussion about Aavegotchi wearables, and interopability with other NFT projects

Social Media

We launched a Twitter account and a Discord chat.

This Week

We’re still deciding on which DAO platform to use for our upcoming DAICO, so this week we’ll be setting up meetings with members of various DAO platforms to discuss our vision and determine which platform suits our needs the best.

We’re reaching out to key individuals to invite them to become advisors on the team.

We’re also looking for a lead UI designer, so if you know anyone aavesome, send them our way!

That’s about it for this week’s update. This update probably left you with a ton of questions.

What’s an Aavegotchi? What’s GHST token? When does the DAICO begin??

We’ll answer all these questions in more detail in future updates and posts.

Until next time, stay spooky!
-Aavegotchi team




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