AavegotchiDAO, assemble!

3 min readFeb 18, 2021


The Official AavegotchiDAO Governance Forum is open for discussion on a very important topic

Hey frens, while we’re waiting for Chainlink VRF to deploy onto Matic (the final blocker before Aavegotchi is cleared to launch), let’s use this time to explore options and come to a conclusion on a very important topic — how the initial 10,000 Portals will be distributed.

Keep reading to learn how you can voice your opinion about this critical issue and start participating in governance of the Aavegotchi game mechanics.

A Flawless NFT Drop

Pixelcraft Studios is intent on delivering a flawless user experience for the initial launch of Aavegotchi. No server crashes, no bots, and a fair shot for everyone present on launch day to acquire a Portal.

Portal drops have always been envisioned as First Come, First Serve (FCFS) events. When there are 1000 ways to slice a cat, wisdom suggests we default to the most universally accepted method (a pizza cutter!). FCFS is advantageous because it is the simplest and most inclusive distribution method. This is in contrast, for example, to our Aagent Missions in Discord or our Wearables Raffles that both overtly require certain actions to be taken over longer periods of time.

This straightforward approach has its risks though. Without purchase limits, a few big buyers (whales) could quickly snatch up the entire Haunt. That’s why the original plan included a limit of 50 Portals per transaction. However, since being on Matic means virtually zero gas fees, it makes sense to consider reducing the maximum amount of Portals that can be purchased per transaction.

It’s Up to You, AavegotchiDAO

So far, the AavegotchiDAO discussion has been scattered over multiple social networks and chat rooms. With the launch of Aavegotchi just around the corner, and a growing treasury, it makes sense to concentrate this important discussion, and future discussions, into a single focal point.

That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of the official AavegotchiDAO Governance Forum at dao.aavegotchi.com!

While an exciting step forward, this upgrade is not equal to the AavegotchiDAO 2.0 “Metamorphosis” that remains on our roadmap. AavegotchiDAO 2.0 includes a fully integrated dashboard and on-chain function calls for access to the fast growing DAO treasury (now well over 100k DAI accumulated).

This governance forum, combined with Snapshot signaling, is a great step forward in the journey towards full decentralization of the Aavegotchi protocol and becoming a truly community-owned game.

Signing up to the forum is simple — if you use Discord, you can simply login using your Discord. If not, email/password is also available.

Discussion of Portal Drop Buy Limits

The first discussion topic is live now, and based on the discussion we will create a Snapshot signaling vote on February 23rd to decide the final number of Portals that can be purchased in a single transaction.

Although it may be tempting to explore other options for distribution (auctions, queues, etc.) or requirements (Aagent level, FRENS balance, etc.) we believe that these are unnecessary and will add extra friction and confusion to the distribution process. We have already taken precautions to help prevent bots from ruining the fun, now it’s just a matter of settling the maximum Portals per transaction.

So head over to the AavegotchiDAO forum, introduce yourself, and dive into the discussion! We look forward to a lively dialogue, and hopefully seeing the emergence of some leaders who will become the future Gotchi Gov’nuhs!

See you in the DAO fren!

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Official dApp: https://aavegotchi.com
Aavegotchi Wiki : https://wiki.aavegotchi.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/aavegotchi
Governance: https://dao.aavegotchi.com

Telegram Language Groups:
English: https://t.me/aavegotchi
Chinese 中文: https://t.me/aavegotchi_cn
Korean 아베고치 KR (공식): https://t.me/aavegotchi_kr
Vietnamese tiếng-việt: https://t.me/aavegotchi_vn
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