Aavegotchis are bridging to Ethereum with 3X rewards for trading

6 min readSep 29, 2021


The Aavegotchi bridge to Ethereum opens Monday, Oct 4 with incentivized trading on Rarible!

3x RARI rewards for buying and selling Aavegotchis on Rarible await you!

Hey frens, we’re excited to announce that the ability to buy and sell Aavegotchi’s on Ethereum mainnet will soon be a reality. Starting Monday, October 4th anyone will be able to bridge Aavegotchis from Polygon to Ethereum mainnet and back again. This bridge supports ERC721 NFTs, meaning that Aavegotchi and Portals are both able to be bridged. Having Aavegotchis available on both networks offers a huge boost to the collectability of these otherwise playable NFTs.

To help smooth the landing and encourage more Gotchis to make the journey, our frens at the decentralized NFT marketplace Rarible are kind enough to offer incentives for trading Aavegotchis in their marketplace on Ethereum!

What is Rarible?

Rarible is a creator-centric NFT marketplace that distinguishes itself in many ways, especially its dedication to decentralization. While Rarible.com is the main NFT marketplace, there is also Rarible Protocol, the first open-sourced indexer protocol that offers cross-chain tools for developers. All of this is supported by Rarible DAO and goodness knows we appreciate ambitious DAOs.

RARI is Rarible Protocol’s native governance token. Every week just over 41,000 RARI are distributed across applications building on Rarible Protocol (this includes rarible.com) proportional to sales volume. If you buy or sell NFTs on Rarible, then you receive RARI rewards.

RARI Triple Rewards

To welcome Aavegotchis to Ethereum, Rarible is offering 3x trading rewards over the next two weeks! This means a larger percentage of each week’s 41,000 RARI tokens are being allocated to the Aavegotchi collection. Buying and selling your Aavegotchis on Rarible will be quite an epic experience for all involved.

The incentivized trading period starts Monday October, 4th at 00:00 UTC, and will last until Monday, October 18th at 00:00 UTC. Said another way, traders will enjoy 3X rewards for two RARI payouts (one each week).

How to Bridge your Aavegotchi from Polygon to Ethereum

Five pioneering Aavegotchi’s have already made the journey back to Ethereum, with the Unicly Aastronauts Collection. Now your Gotchis can join them with our brand new Polygon to Ethereum bridge!

Here’s how:

  1. Visit Aavegotchi.com and click the Bridge icon (aavegotchi.com/bridge)

2. Choose the ERC721 bridge from among the top dashboard options (starting Oct. 4)

3. Indicate which Aavegotchi or Portals you wish to bridge (batch up to 5 NFTs at a time)

4. Click “Bridge” and confirm the transaction on Polygon side.

5. Wait roughly 3 hours and then confirm a second “Claim” transaction on Ethereum side.

6. Visit Rarible.com to start trading!


Q: Can I still pet my Aavegotchi once it has been bridged back to Ethereum?

A: YES, the developers of Gotchi World and Gotchi Care (Gotchi petting services) have graciously offered to auto-pet all bridged Aavegotchis, ensuring you still earn kinship while your Gotchi is on Ethereum! While vacationing on Ethereum your Aavegotchi will continue to grow its kinship score by two points everyday, but it would definitely appreciate a visit or two from its master! It’s lonely in spaace…

Q: Can my Aavegotchi still earn Rarity Farming rewards while it is on Ethereum?

A: YES, your Gotchi will still be eligible for Rarity Farming rewards in all three categories while bridged. All rewards will go directly to its pocket.

Q: Can my Gotchi be bridged over with wearables equipped?

A: YES, you can equip as many wearable as you want before you bridge, BUT do note that your Aavegotchi will not be doing further wardrobe changes while on Ethereum.

Q: Can my Gotchi equip or unequip wearables while on Ethereum?

A: NO, your Gotchi is basically frozen as a snapshot of the moment it was bridged. However, you can bridge back to Polygon anytime you please (normal bridging charges apply).

Q: Can I still use my Aavegotchi to play in the upcoming Gotchiverse game while it is on Ethereum?

A: NO, since the Gotchiverse runs on Polygon any Gotchis on Ethereum mainnet will not be able to participate in the Gotchiverse. Bridge back over anytime you want to play!

Q: Can individual Wearables, Portals, and Consumables be bridged to Ethereum and listed on Rarible as well?

A: YES but NOT YET. Portals are an immediate yes because they are also ERC721 tokens. The wearables and consumables are ERC1155 items and will have their own bridge opening in the coming weeks.

Q: If I buy a Aavegotchi on Ethereum through Rarible, how do I bridge it back to Polygon?

A: Simply visit aavegotchi.com/bridge and reverse the steps above. You can bridge back anytime you like!

Q: Can I sell my Aavegotchi on the Baazaar (Aavegotchi’s Polygon-based NFT marketplace) while it’s bridged to Ethereum?

A: NO, you can only trade on Ethereum marketplaces like Rarible while the Aavegotchi is bridged.

Q: Can I trade my Aavegotchis on OpenSea while they’re on Ethereum?

A: YES, you can trade your Gotchis on any Ethereum-based NFT market, but you’ll only earn RARI when you trade on Rarible!

Join the conversation to learn moar

Rarible and Aavegotchi are co-organizing a number of events in the coming days!

The Aavegotchi Discord is hosting a Rarible AMA on Thursday, September 30th, at 10am EST (2pm UTC).

Likewise, Rarible is hosting an Aavegotchi themed Twitter Spaces on Monday, October 4, at 1pm EST (5pm UTC) followed by a Rarible Discord AMA on Wednesday, October 6!

Be sure to share these events with your frens and let them know that Aavegotchis are now accessible to more NFT collectors than ever before!

We hope you enjoy this partnership, and look forward to seeing some 🔥 trading happening on Rarible.

Stay Spooky frens,

The Aavegotchi Team.

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