AGIP#6 PASSES: Baazaar sales set to fund reward pool at 0.5%

4 min readApr 19, 2021

AavegotchiDAO further embraces the virtuous cycle

Large blocky 8-bit pixels, massive play-to-earn rewards, and one of the most active DAOs in the world, clearly, GotchiGang likes to do BIG things! The AGIP #6 vote was no exception, where we smashed quorum in the first day of voting. By week’s end, final results showed overwhelming support for the proposal to increase Baazaar NFT Marketplace sales fees by 0.5% and direct those funds into the player rewards pool.

4.57 million GHST tokens voted YES (93.69%) compared to 308k GHST voting NO (6.31%) for this Core Proposal originally written by JG#7031. The forums of AavegotchiDAO often witness more contentious debates, but it’s also nice to all gather around the campfire and enjoy near unanimous agreement from time to time.

As discussed in the original DAO forum thread, even after this increase, the Baazaar’s fee structure is still significantly less intrusive than peer NFT marketplaces. NBA TopShot for example, has a 5% fee on all transactions while Axie Infinity marketplace takes 4.25%.

The dev team has slated the introduction of the 0.5% fee as a priority to include within the next upcoming Solidity dev sprint. Look out for an announcement when the fee is implemented into all Baazaar sales going forward!

Currently the Baazaar has a 1.5% base fee for Aavegotchi assets (1% to Pixelcraft / 0.5% to the DAO treasury). The 0.5% reward pool fee will be added to this base, meaning 2% total transaction fees are auto-transferred to these destinations. Aavegotchi also adds on an additional 1.5% fee to Pixelcraft and the DAO, for a grand total of 3.5%.

These additional fees can be set per project, and while Aavegotchi currently enjoys its unique place as the only project listed, this will change soon with expansion of listings planned to support more NFT projects moving to Polygon every day!

This is great for Polygon’s wider adoption and the Baazaar has a great opportunity to deliver a valuable experience for all Polygon users. With this vote, the Baazaar’s success is now further aligned with the community’s success.

Next CoreProp vote coming soon!

There’s another Core Proposal that’s just about ready to be made. It’s timely, hotly discussed, and needs to be done in some form. What are we talking about?

Aavegotchi suffrage! (The right to vote)

So many community members have put their GHST tokens into Aavegotchi NFTs that their voting power has been significantly diminished. What’s more, an Aavegotchi should have a voice in it’s own game anyways!

What should be straightforward… also finds the devil is in the details and there are just so many ways to go about implementation, which is why we need you to join in and signal the implementation options you most support.

Leading ideas include:

  • 1 Aavegotchi = 100 GHST voting value
  • Aavegotchi BRS= GHST voting value
  • Wearables voting value = primary sales price from Maall drops
  • Wearables voting power is only included when equipped (wear your best voting outfit)

This thread already has 81 replies! There’s a summary provided so you can quickly catch up and join the conversation! Log in with your Discord handle now to have a direct impact on the way Aavegotchis, and wearables, can be endowed with voting rights.

We see this adjustment to voting power as a potential huge win/win for the community. The most engaged community members, who have multiple Aavegotchis and wearables collections, will suddenly see their voting power restored to a fairer point.

Quadratic voting measures are also being explored by some galaxy brains in the community and we expect that will take more time to confirm as a potential Core Proposal. In the meantime, let’s at least get some voting rights for our dear Aavegotchis!

20 XP to each Aavegotchi in your voting wallet

Aavegotchis are already earning XP for your diligent votes. Wallets that voted in the AGIP #6 Snapshot have received 20 XP for each Aavegotchi within. We’ve noticed on the charts that some Aavegotchis are really climbing the XP chart and starting to level up quite impressively.

Remember, every third level up unlocks a special trait point you can apply to nudging one of your gotchi’s traits along the bell curve, making it rarer than before. All good reasons to be engaged as we head into the first season of Rarity Farming, starting this week!

Stay spooky frens,
Aavegotchi team




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