AGIP#6 PASSES: Baazaar sales set to fund reward pool at 0.5%

Next CoreProp vote coming soon!

There’s another Core Proposal that’s just about ready to be made. It’s timely, hotly discussed, and needs to be done in some form. What are we talking about?

  • 1 Aavegotchi = 100 GHST voting value
  • Aavegotchi BRS= GHST voting value
  • Wearables voting value = primary sales price from Maall drops
  • Wearables voting power is only included when equipped (wear your best voting outfit)

20 XP to each Aavegotchi in your voting wallet

Aavegotchis are already earning XP for your diligent votes. Wallets that voted in the AGIP #6 Snapshot have received 20 XP for each Aavegotchi within. We’ve noticed on the charts that some Aavegotchis are really climbing the XP chart and starting to level up quite impressively.



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