[AGIP13] Should Aavegotchi introduce an Aging Boost?

Core Proposal: AGIP13 — Add an Aging Mechanic to affect Aavegotchi rarity scores

Author: diddlypoo
Gotchi ID: 15560
🔥 XP Reward: 20 XP for each Aavegotchi in voter’s wallet

The CoreProposal: AGIP13 Introduce Aging Mechanic

*All information from this point forward is verbatim the Core Proposal.

Key differences from SigProp to CoreProp:

**A short list of notable adjustments have been made from the SigProp and are highlighted here with this update:

AGIP13 — Aavegotchi Aging Mechanic

This sigprop proposes a small BRS boost to gotchis as they age, to counteract statistical variance between haunts and reward long term engagement.

The Problem

As new haunts are released, whether or not they include a bug fix that impacts gotchi trait generation, a strong dilution of existing high BRS gotchis occurs. Due to the nature of rarity farming and its rewards, this dilution is exclusively felt by those who invested heavily into older haunts, and who may not have the desire to sell due to emotional attachment, the means to invest more, or the ability to “flip” their way (due to local tax laws) into higher BRS gotchis from the newer haunts. Furthermore, very significant statistical variance can occur in new haunts, making it near impossible to make long term financial decisions, as the variance can render previous haunt gotchis all but obsolete. This leaves far too much entirely up to “luck”.

The Solution

The Aging Mechanic is a proposal, initially introduced by Tistou on discord, that is designed to address all of the above mentioned issues, as well as create an interesting new dynamic of Aavegotchis that can be built upon in the future (age limits for activities, wearables, new appearance qualities, etc). It provides a buffer of approximately 6 months during which older gotchis have a BRS boost over newly summoned gotchis. As newly summoned gotchis age, they quickly begin to catch up to their older counterparts.


  • Yes, implement aging incentives
  • No, do not impelment aging right now

Stay spooky frens!

Aavegotchi Team



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