Chad Buys GHST Token

A Step-by-Step Tutorial

2 min readSep 3, 2020

Chad recently learned about Aavegotchi from a dank meme on Twitter.
He followed the rabbit hole and learned he needs GHST token to buy Aavegotchis, so he heads here to pick some up.

First, he clicks the Connect button to link his Metamask wallet. Then he performs KYC like a boss (Mainnet only).

Now the Curve is ready to accept his massive DAI load.

He slams the MAX button, ready to all-in with 1,000,000 DAI, but the Curve chokes on his huge order — it tells him his slippage will be 35% for an order that big, but max slippage is 25%. Damn. He resizes his order to a meager 500,000 DAI and smashes the DO IT button.

Emperor Palpatine, or Starsky and Hutch? You decide

His order gets processed by the blockchain and appears in his My Transactions list. But what’s that? Awaiting Batch? Where’s my f*ckin GHST bruh?

Hold on Chad, just give it a sec. The Aavegotchi bonding curve is a little different from Uniswap or Balancer. To help prevent front-running by bots, Aavegotchi’s TBC batches orders in blocks and executes them all at the same price. The final price is determined when the block (the batch) has finished. Once the block has finished, you can claim your tokens from the Curve.

Chad nods his head and checks his crops for a few minutes. When he returns, the batch is finished, and a sexy CLAIM ORDER button has appeared. He smashes the button and confirms his transaction in Metamask.

His GHST balance updates in realtime, and he posts a celebratory tweet:

“alpha leak, just bot some GHST tokn, these bags won’t carry themselves bois”

And that’s how Chad buys GHST token.




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