Exclusive Wearables NFT Drop and Venly.Market AMA Happening This Week

4 min readJul 26, 2021

Collaboration introduces Aavegotchi to massive NFT gaming audience

This week, the Aavegotchi Storefront launches on Venly.Market, Polygon’s first NFT marketplace that includes a native user-frenly custodial wallet solution. We luv this platform because it enables an audience of over 200,000 existing Venly users to easily join #gotchigang with just a few clicks.

One Swipe, and You’re In!

Venly’s unique infrastructure means that users can create an account and instantly buy Aavegotchi wearables with either crypto or fiat. A first for Aavegotchi NFTs! Payments are accepted using Paypal, credit card or USDC stable coins. Users also enjoy up to 10% royalties when selling NFTs on the Venly NFT Marketplace.

Three notable events are happening this week to mark the beginning of this collaboration:

  1. Venly Wallet integration on Aavegotchi.com (soon TM)
  2. AMA with Venly team in Aavegotchi’s Discord (Tuesday)
  3. Exclusive wearables drop on Venly.Market (Thursday)

A New Way to Log in

The Venly wallet will soon be integrated as an initial option upon arrival to Aavegotchi.com. This provides the current Venly user base and all considering to play easy access to the Aavegotchi dapp via social login.

Venly AMA in the Aavegotchi Discord

This Tuesday, July 27 at 1pm UTC (9am EST) join the Aavegotchi Discord for a 45 minute no holds barred AMA with the leadership team at Venly. These guys are OGs in the space and super tuned into what we’re all about at Aavegotchi. Look forward to a great conversation about their newly launched marketplace, wallet and other blockchain UX solutions.

Exclusive wearables to drop Thursday

The Aavegotchi Storefront is open but currently occupied by a single Straw Hat wearable. That will soon change though! The exclusive Venly Biker Set is scheduled to drop this Thursday with exact time and place to be revealed in the Venly Discord this week. Join now to get the alpha on acquiring this groovy 4-piece set.

Each of the 4 wearables will be available for purchase in USDC tokens and sold at rates comparable to their varying rarities. The set’s most rare piece is the Legendary Horseshoe Mustache (420 USDC), followed by the rare Bikers Helmet (140 USDC), uncommon Aviators (14 USDC), and uncommon Biker Jacket (14 USDC) respectively.

The trait boosting stats for each of the wearables are as follows:

Biker Helmet = Aggression +2 and Brain Size +1

Aviators = Spookiness +2

Horseshoe Mustache = Spookiness +2 and Energy -2

Biker Jacket = Aggression +2

The fully equipped Venly Biker Set = Base Rarity Score +4 and Aggression +2

The biker set is inspired by both Venly branding and Aavegotchi attitude. We hope this is the beginning of a long line of collaborations between our two hard working teams. See you at the AMA and the set launch!

Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi team

About Venly

Venly offers users of blockchain projects digital wallets to store assets with a native solution that also works on mobile devices.

Venly also recently launched the Venly Market, positioning itself as a holistic user-friendly solution to help blockchain projects scale faster and more securely. The Venly Market is the first-ever peer-to-peer NFT marketplace on Polygon. Now also supporting Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain and soon Hedera.

On the Venly Market, users can then trade these NFTs in a fully compliant environment. Thanks to the Venly Wallet, Market and NFT-tools, blockchain games, projects, and decentralized applications can tap into an entirely new revenue stream without having experience in blockchain engineering or a complex regulatory framework.
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About Aavegotchi

Aavegotchis are on-chain collectible ghosts staked with Aave’s interest-generating aTokens.

Compete for player rewards by earning XP, leveling up, and increasing the rarity of your Aavegotchi fren. Owned by the community, Aavegotchi is governed by the AavegotchiDAO and the native eco-governance token GHST. Summon your first Aavegotchi today and join the future of playable NFTs staked with DeFi!

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