Farmer’s Aalmanac: The Ultimate Guide to Reaping GHST to Matic Rewards


Stake GHST for FRENS points + $30k USD worth of GHST and MATIC tokens

  1. Visit
  2. Stake your GHST tokens and start earning FRENS!


Be a GHST-QUICK LP and stake at same time for FRENS points + $70k USD worth of GHST & MATIC + 10X the usual QUICK pool rewards

  1. Acquire QUICK at
  2. Deposit GHST and QUICK to become a GHST-QUICK liquidity provider
  3. Receive GHST-QUICK LP tokens
    Contract address: 0x8b1fd78ad67c7da09b682c5392b65ca7caa101b9
  4. Visit
  5. Stake your GHST-QUICK LP tokens to earn FRENS + GHST & MATIC tokens
  6. Receive stkGHST-QUICK receipt tokens after staking
    Contract address: 0xA02d547512Bb90002807499F05495Fe9C4C3943f
  7. Return to and deposit your stkGHST-QUICK receipt tokens into QuickSwap to earn your share of 1000 QUICK daily rewards

These rewards are only available Jan 29-Feb 12!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will GHST and MATIC rewards be distributed?

Inspired by Balancer’s innovative liquidity mining schema, we will use block snapshots to calculate each holder’s balance in the GHST Staking Contracts at hourly intervals throughout the reward period. At the end of each 7-day period, rewards will be calculated and we will airdrop GHST and MATIC in proportion to each participant.

What happens to my existing FRENS points, Vouchers and Raffle Tickets on Ethereum Mainnet?

We got you covered! Pixelcraft’s mad scientists have “mirrored” all your FRENS points and Raffle Tickets over to the Matic Network. Previously won wearables vouchers will also be airdropped during the launch window. So all you have to do is bridge your GHST tokens over!

Hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor don’t play well with Matic bridge. What do I do???

Best practice is to get yourself a MetaMask and move your GHST there. Then contact Pixelcraft co-founder Jesse (@gldnxross on Telegram and Twitter). You’ll send him:

  1. Your old Ledger wallet
  2. Your new MetaMask wallet

How do I get my MetaMask ready for Matic?

  1. Adding Matic Network to your existing MetaMask is as easy as a few copy and pasted lines:

How do I get Matic gas tokens on Matic?

MATIC token is used for paying gas on Matic. Typically you will receive 0.1 MATIC for depositing a token via the bridge, but if the airdrop does not work, you can ask for some in the Aavegotchi telegram or #matic-request channel in Discord.

In conclusion

The first Haunt of Aavegotchi Portals will be launching on Matic this February, which means you’ll need some GHST there to cop your Portals.



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