First Gotchiverse Land Raffle Confirmed For November’s First Weekend

The Prizes

Up for grabs during Land Raffle #1 are 4,000 REALM parcels within the Northwest portion of the Citaadel (same area as Land Sale #1). The Raffle will feature parcels of each size: Humble, Reasonably Sized, and Spacious.

  • Humble: 40% — 1,600 parcels
  • Reasonably Sized: 40% — 1,600 parcels
  • Spacious: 20% — 800 parcels

The Time

The Raffle begins on November 5th at 2pm UTC and ends on November 8th at 2pm UTC. To participate in the raffle, all you will need to do is enter your Drop Tickets during the 72-hour time frame.

How to Participate

To participate in this Raffle, visit on the day of the auction. All you need are some Drop Tickets.

  1. Stake GHST > Make FRENS > convert to Drop Tickets > enter Raffle
  2. Visit the Baazaar NFT marketplace > buy Drop Tickets > enter Raffle

Ready to Raffle

The Raffle begins November 5th at 2pm UTC and lasts for 72 hours so make sure you are staking GHST and earning yourself as many FRENS as possible! Don’t miss your chance to win your very own piece of the Gotchiverse with a REALM parcel right in the Citaadel.

Good luck, and stay spooky frens!

Aavegotchi Team



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