Get Spooky with Aavegotchi this Friday, Oct 30th

3 min readOct 28, 2020

When: Friday Oct 30 (4pm UTC / 12 Noon EST / 12 Midnight SGT)
Where: Discord Aavegotchi Server
Whats up: Live music / Aavegotchi Costume Contest / Candy Airdrops / Team AMA / Special Guests

It’s the first Halloween since Aavegotchis arrived from another realm, so let’s celebrate together with prizes, games, and music!

Music artist and creator of $FIRST token, Harrison First will be helping us kick off the party in style. Come for the music and stay for the candy token drops and meet n greets with some of Aavegotchi’s best frens: OpenSea, Matic Network and Aave’s own Stani Kulechov!

Join the Virtual Costume Contest

This is your chance to have some fun dressing up an Aavegotchi, no matter your skill level, and possibly win some sweet sweet GHST tokens too!

There are really no rules or limits, use any software (or crayons for all we care) you like. Simply create a costume for your dear Aavegotchi and send the image to @gldnxross. You can email him at or DM him on Twitter/Telegram by messaging @gldnxross.

Everyone is welcome to send submissions and join the Aavegotchi Discord.

We are collecting your costume submissions all week long and will reveal them one by one during the party’s live “catwalk” where the host drops each submission into the chat.

From there, the community can react by voting with emojis and the 3 most popular costumes win GHST! (200, 100, 50 respectively)

You can “Build an Aavegotchi” or use this nakey Aavegotchi to get started:

Layer, draw or doodle any costume ideas you like, and see you at the party!

A Full Hour of Aavesome

Some of Ethereum’s most innovative social tokens and their human halves are participating and taking this party to the next level. We couldn’t be more excited to have the likes of $FIRST, $CHERRY, and $PIXEL all in the (haunted) house!

We’re super excited to have support from OpenSea, the marketplace for rare digital items. It’s been an exciting week seeing Aavegotchi FRENS Raffle Tickets already being listed and trading on their markets with very strong volume.

Matic Network will be at the party to celebrate our hot-off-the-presses confirmation: Aavegotchi will simultaneously launch on Ethereum mainnet and MATIC! Building on Matic brings scalable and instantaneous transactions to the Aavegotchi gaming experience.

The party wouldn’t be a party without special guest Stani of AAVE! This gentleman has done so much for the crypto and DeFi space and it’s truly an honor to have him join in the festivities.

The hour will conclude with a brief AMA from the Aavegotchi core team. We’ll be hanging out on the voice channel and taking any written questions you post in the Discord’s #HalloweenPaarty channel.

It’s going to be a lot of fun hearing from so many great projects and trick or treating all along the way. Check out the aagenda for full details:

Make sure to join the Aavegotchi Discord today and get your costume ready!

To learn more about Aavegotchi follow us on Twitter @Aavegotchi or get started today by visiting




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