GHST Token Live on Matic, 100K+ USD Liquidity Migration Incentives Announced (+FAQ)

Over 100,000 USD in liquidity incentives await you on Matic, starting January 29!

GHST2MATIC — Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Migrate your GHST token from Ethereum Mainnet to Matic. (Remember to vote first!)
  2. Get some QUICK token from Quickswap. The most liquid pairs are currently QUICK-UNI, QUICK-WETH and QUICK-USDC. Soon GHST-QUICK will also be an option.
  3. Become a liquidity provider in the GHST-QUICK Pool on Quickswap.
  4. Take your LP tokens received from Step 3 and stake them into the GHST-QUICK Staking Pool to get stkGHST.
  5. Finally, take the stkGHST receipt tokens emitted from the GHST Staking Contract and stake them into the Quickswap Rewards pool at
  6. Now you are earning QUICK and FRENS!

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