Hack with Aavegotchi (calling all devs!)

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Social Integrations

  • Link an Aavegotchi ID to a Discord / TG account
  • Tip Aavegotchis XP in Discord / TG
  • Trustless NFT-to-NFT swap bot


  • Classic arcade-inspired mini-games that distribute XP for playing with your Gotchi
  • Aavegotchi-skinned space invaders, frogger, etc..

Data analytics

  • Aavegotchi ecosystem visualization tools / dashboard

Cross-metaverse integrations

  • Decentraland / Cryptovoxels / Metaverse avatar skins based on Aavegotchi traits

Tools for Aavegotchi ecosystem tokens on Matic

  • Dapps that make use of GHST token on Matic


  • Gotchiwalker Dapp (let others interact with your Aavegotchi!)



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