Hack with Aavegotchi (calling all devs!)

2 min readJan 9, 2021

Aavegotchi is sponsoring MarketMake, the epic ETH Global hackathon, with 4000 GHST in rewards (and some sweet XP bonuses for your future Aavegotchis).

There is so much room to apply your imagination and get creative with DeFi, NFTs, and L2! The launch of Aavegotchis on Matic is mere weeks away and Q2 will see The Realm metaverse realized. This open world is designed to be populated with all sorts of unique on-chain experiences. That means mini-games, dapps, and analytics tools are all up for grabs.

While you’re absolutely free to surprise, the following is a broad list of ideas that may help give you an ideas of the direction and priorities for the Aavegotchi project.

Have a look and see if it helps inspire you to hack with Aavegotchi!

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Social Integrations

  • Link an Aavegotchi ID to a Discord / TG account
  • Tip Aavegotchis XP in Discord / TG
  • Trustless NFT-to-NFT swap bot


  • Classic arcade-inspired mini-games that distribute XP for playing with your Gotchi
  • Aavegotchi-skinned space invaders, frogger, etc..

Data analytics

  • Aavegotchi ecosystem visualization tools / dashboard

Cross-metaverse integrations

  • Decentraland / Cryptovoxels / Metaverse avatar skins based on Aavegotchi traits

Tools for Aavegotchi ecosystem tokens on Matic

  • Dapps that make use of GHST token on Matic


  • Gotchiwalker Dapp (let others interact with your Aavegotchi!)

4000 GHST and a large helping of XP is available for the Gotchis of our winners!

Get started by applying to MarketMake here, then checking out the Aavegotchi documentation, Wiki, and smart contracts.

And finally, don’t hesitate to jump in our Discord and join our frenly community of DeFi Degens, NFT Nerds, and DAOists!




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