Iconic Lil Pump Aavegotchi NFTs Dropping Friday, April 9 at 1pm UTC

2 min readApr 8, 2021

Aavegotchi.com’s first NFT drop since launch day is here!

Esskeetit! Last week we raffled off half of the ebic Gotchi Gang x Gucci Gang NFT collab. If the VRF Gods didn’t shine on you, fear not fren — you’ll have a second chance to cop Pump’s iconic wearables at tomorrow’s big NFT Drop.

Half of Lil Pump’s total NFT supply was raffled while the other half is being prepped for a first-come-first-serve event happening this Friday, April 9th at 9am EST (1pm UTC / 9pm SGT).

To participate, simply visit Aavegotchi.com, click PLAY, then choose the GOTCHI MAALL icon. Or visit the Gotchi Maall directly at https://aavegotchi.com/shop.

We’ll engage the on-chain transfer at the top of the hour and esskeetit! Move fast for your chance to grab some dope Pump gear.

The Lil Pump Goatee, Drank, Shades and Threads will all be available in limited quantities in the Maall. The Godlike dreads are not available via this drop, as they were all distributed during Raffle 4. You can learn all about their trait boosting powers at the Aavegotchi Wiki. Pricing for items remains true to the standard rarity based pricing as follows:

Lil Pump Goatee — Uncommon — 10 GHST
Lil Pump Drink — Rare — 100 GHST
Lil Pump Shades — Legendary — 300 GHST
Lil Pump Threads — Mythical — 2000 GHST

Pre-party with live music

The party officially starts 30 minutes before the drop! Meet in the Aavegotchi Discord’s voice chat for a proper celebration featuring live music from Harrison $FIRST. He brought the party to last year’s Halloween Party and we’re thrilled to be celebrating Lil Pump’s drop and the launch of First’s new record NFT going live just hours later.

The core team will also be live in the chat so jump in and clear up any last minute q’s you have about the drop.

It’s Lil Pump. It’s Aavegotchi. LFGGGG #GotchiGang!




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