Introducing the Aavegotchi Aambassador Program: V2

What’s an Aavegotchi Aambassador?

An Aavegotchi Aambassador is responsible for spreading the Gospel of Gotchi to those who haven’t discovered us yet. Main responsibilities include:

  • Creating your own #GotchiGang (a group of Aavegotchi enthusiasts) focused on a specific niche or location (i.e, Aavegotchi Austin, or Gotchiholics Aanonymous).
  • Taking steps to proactively grow your #GotchiGang.
  • Helping your #GotchiGang experience Aavegotchi fully.
  • Keeping your #GotchiGang well fed with Aalphas & updates.

Journey of an Aambassador

Potential Aambassadors start by creating their #GotchiGang, rounding up new members, and forming a core group of at least a hundred members.

The Aambassador Program Level-up Guide

What benefits do you get?

Being an Aambassador is one of the best ways to show your contribution to the larger mission and help Aavegotchi grow to 1 million monthly active users (MAU) by 2023.

  • Global recognition as an Aavegotchi Aambassador;
  • Exclusive access to Aalphas, resources and guides;
  • Monthly XP airdrops for all your Gotchis.
  • Monthly USDC airdrops when you hit new milestones for your #GotchiGang.

How can you become an Aambassador?

You can begin your Aambassador journey by filling out the form here.


Q: Do I need to fill out monthly reports as an Aambassador?
No you do not. This Aambassador Program is designed in a way that allows you to focus less on admin tasks and more on building your #GotchiGang.

An Aambassador in the wild



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