Introducing the Gotchiverse Game Bible

How a Chapter Becomes Canon

In tandem with the publishing of each Chapter, we will create a discussion thread on the DAO forum where the community can discuss the information presented in the Chapter.

The Gotchiverse Game Bible

What is this document?

The Gotchiverse Game Bible is an external-facing Game Design document that gives detailed information about gameplay, economy, and building within the Gotchiverse game.

Chapter 1: Gotchiverse Release Schedule

Confirmed, but not immutable

What scaling looks like

Gotchiverse Citaadel Release Schedule

Stress Test 2 — January 28th

A replica of Stress Test 1 (ST1) that should be much smoother, with less lag and fewer bugs.
Map size: Small test area

The first Gotchiverse Stress Test

Stress Test 3 — Mid-February

An initial test of “Area of Interest” scaling that breaks the map into smaller chunks for scaling.
Map size: One District

Gotchiverse Land Auction / Raffle 3 — Late February

The third Aavegotchi Land Auction / Raffle combo will be held in late February and feature 10,000 Parcels up for grabs in various Districts.

Citaadel Live Test — Early-Mid March

The first release of the Citaadel with real Alchemica. Will support Alchemica pickups and “Save Points” to exit Alchemica from in-game to onchain. No Parcels or Installation equipping will be supported in this release.
Map size: One District

Gotchi Lending is Live! — March

Audited and perfected, Gotchi Lending will be launched in March to allow us to scale up the number of players that can be online at any time.

The Gotchiverse — Late March / Early April

The Full Citaadel you’ve all been waiting for! Parcel access, installations, and harvesting will all be live in this release.
Map size: Entire Citaadel

Traits Release — April

Aavegotchi traits (explained in an upcoming chapter) will be added to gameplay in this release. Support for weapons will also be added, time permitting.

Grid Release 1 — Early Q3 2022

The first release of the Grid (and Lickquidators) will come in early Q3 2022.



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