Missions are back! Introducing the Aavegotchi #Share2Earn Litepaper Campaign

Introducing The Aavegotchi #Share2Earn Litepaper Caampaign

We’re partnering with Viral Loops, an industry leader in referral programs, to create a limited-time campaign where you can earn real rewards for referring your frens to learn about Aavegotchi.

What are Drop Tickets?

One piece of alpha you’ll discover in the Litepaper is that a whopping 20% of all new Portals and REALM parcels will be raffled using our famous VRF Raffles. But unlike our previous Wearables Raffles, we’ve consolidated the tickets from six different types into a single type — the Drop Ticket.

Here’s how to participate:

Step 1) Take the Aavegotchi Realm Litepaper quiz.

Just for passing this short quiz and verifying your email, you’ll earn 1 Rare Ticket NFT. Rare Tickets can be entered into future Wearable Raffles (but not Portal and REALM Raffles).

Step 2) Join the #Share2Earn Program

After completing the quiz, you’ll receive an email that lets you opt into the Referral Program, so you can start inviting your frens. You’ll earn another Rare Ticket by inviting the first fren.

Step 3) Now the fun begins!

Keep inviting frens to start earning Drop Tickets! You’ll earn more tickets every time you reach a Milestone.

Each Milestone unlocks new rewards!


Where are these tickets coming from? Are they minted from thin air?

Of course not! Like other players, Pixelcraft has been staking GHST and earning FRENS for several months now. We’ve built up quite a FRENS fortune and are excited to share this fortune with players old and new, in order to raise awareness about Aavegotchi.

Where can I claim my tickets once they have been distributed?

You can view your tickets at https://aavegotchi.com/tickets once they’ve been distributed. Please ensure that you are connected to Polygon Mainnet, not Ethereum.

Is there a cap on how many tickets I can earn?

We have allocated a budget of 10,000 Rare Tickets and 2,000 Drop Tickets for this campaign. Each participant can earn up to 20 Drop Tickets by referring 100 friends to join the campaign.

Can anyone participate?

Sure! All you need is a valid Ethereum address and an email address. Simply complete the Aavegotchi Realm Litepaper Quiz to get started earning!

What can I do with my Drop Ticket?

We will distribute the Drop Tickets before the Haunt 2 and REALM Parcel Raffles, so you’ll be able to enter your ticket into the Raffle. Or…sell it on the Baazaar! (Equivalent tickets are selling for roughly 10–20 USD at time of publishing!).

Where can I view my progress?

Each participant has a unique dashboard that displays your progress and personalized referral code. You will gain access to this dashboard via an email from Aavegotchi Team, after completing the Quiz.

Legal Stuff

Pixelcraft reserves the right to disqualify any participant that is suspected of cheating in any form, including, but not limited to submitting multiple entries, falsifying entries, automating entries, or any other dishonest and unfrenly methods.



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