Onchain Side Views are live! Here’s how to view them

Unlocking the Potential of Playable NFTs

Playable NFTs are a new category of NFTs, which emphasize interaction and utility of the NFT, not just collectability.

How to view your Aavegotchi in 360°

Method 1: As a gif

Head to https://aavegotchi.com and open up your Gotchi dashboard. Click on the “More” button, and you will now see a button called “Download Gif”. Just click this button and you’ll instantly have a gif-ed out version of your Gotchi fren to share!

Click left-right arrows to view your Gotchi in 360°

Method 2: On the Aavegotchi UI

From your Gotchi dashboard, click into the “Equip” page where you dress your Aavegotchi. You’ll now see left-right arrows that you can click to view your Aavegotchi from all four sides!

Method 3: From the Smart Contract

If you’re a developer, you can easily view your Aavegotchi’s onchain SVGs via our smart contract. Since all the side views are stored onchain, it’s just a matter of calling the right function!

What’s next?

Onchain side views are an important precedent for the upcoming Gotchiverse, and for our Aavegotchi Aarcade (Minigame ecosystem).

Portal Defenders already includes side views!

About Aavegotchi

Aavegotchis are on-chain playable NFTs staked with Aave’s interest-generating aTokens (known as maTokens on layer 2).

About Pixelcraft Studios

Pixelcraft Studios is the leading game development team committed to gaming with true ownership. We achieve this by leveraging blockchain technology to the benefit of the gamer.



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