Prizes Quantities for Nov. 10 Raffle Revealed! (+FAQ)

3 min readOct 23, 2020


Hey frens, the first of 3 pre-Mainnet GHST Staking Raffles is happening on Nov. 10! This Raffle is LINK-themed, to celebrate our partnership with Chainlink and usage of Chainlink VRF. These wearables are exclusive to this Raffle, which means this is your only chance to get one!

(No idea what we’re talking about? Read this blog post explaining GHST staking!)

We’re excited to announce the full prize list for this Raffle.

Full details below, plus an FAQ!

COMMONS (1000 Each)

Camo Hat
Camo Pants
MK2 Grenade
Total: 3000

UNCOMMONS (500 Each)

Snow Camo Hat
Snow Camo Pants
M67 Grenade
Total: 1500

RARES (300 Each)

Marine Cap
Marine Jacket
Walkie Talkie
Total: 900


LINK White Hat
Mess Dress
LINK Bubbly
Total: 450


Sergey Beard
Sergey Eyes
Red Plaid
Total: 150


Blue Plaid
Total: 10


3000 + 1500 + 900 + 450 + 150 + 10 = 6010 pieces

Frequently Aasked Questions

Q: What am I actually winning?

A: You’re winning an ERC1155 Voucher that will be fully convertible for an Aavegotchi wearable on Mainnet launch (est. late December). Just like tickets, the Voucher can be traded on OpenSea or other NFT marketplaces.

Q: How do I participate?

A: To participate in the Nov. 10 Raffle, you’ll need to stake your Tickets into the Raffle contract on Nov. 10. Each Ticket is eligible to win a prize equivalent to its rarity level.

For example:

Aalice stakes 100 Common tickets. She is eligible to win up to 100 Common prizes listed above.

Bob, however, apes hard and accumulates enough FRENS to purchase 10 Godlike tickets. He stakes all tickets, which makes him eligible for up to 10 Godlike prizes.

Will he win them all? Probably not, because Caasper staked 100 Godlike tickets. But at least he has a fighting chance.

Q: How do I claim my prize?

A: Once the Raffle is completed, winners will be able to log onto Aavegotchi and claim their prizes from the Raffle contract using our UI via a transaction.

Q: Am I guaranteed to win something?

A: Unlike other NFT mining games that give guaranteed, fixed rewards, we opted to use a lottery system. Why? Because it gives even small stakers a chance to win the rarest prizes.

That being said, with over 6000 prizes being raffled, we believe there’s a high probability that most stakers will be able to win something, if they allocate their tickets properly.

Q: How many more Raffles will there be?

A: Pre-Mainnet launch, there will be two more Raffle events. After Mainnet launch, we also plan to sporadically launch additional Raffle events, without any notice beforehand.

We believe loyalty should be rewarded, therefore those who continually stake their GHST long term will reap the benefits.

Q: What can I do with my Vouchers?

A: Before Aavegotchi Mainnet launches, you can hold your Vouchers or trade them on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. After we launch on Mainnet, you’ll be able to convert your vouchers into real Wearable NFTs that your Aavegotchi can equip. Besides just looking cool and showing off your early adopter clout, they also help increase the Rarity Score of your Aavegotchi, which helps you win GHST via rarity farming (Coming Q1 2021)

Q: How do I participate?

A: Head to to begin staking GHST or GHST-ETH LP tokens to earn FRENS. Then convert your FRENS into Tickets to enter into the Raffle on Nov. 10.




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