Rarity Farming has arrived — here’s how to play

Over 500,000 GHST allocated for Season 1 Rewards

If you’re keeping up with Aavegotchi, you know that 40% of all GHST spent in the Aavegotchi ecosystem is automatically allocated towards Rarity Farming rewards.

A Frenly Guide Rarity Farming: Season One

Warning: Contains Alpha.

  1. Rarity Score
  2. Kinship Score
  3. Experience Score
  • Randomly generated traits
  • Additional points from equipped wearable items
  • Final modifications made via leveling up (1 pt. per 3 XP levels)
  • 70% for Rarity Score
  • 20% for Kinship Score
  • 10% for Experience Points

Structure of Season 1

Season 1 will begin at 2pm UTC, January 15 by taking a snapshot of the onchain balance of the Player Rewards address.

Rarity Farming Rewards with a long fluffy tail

The winning formula

After much review and excellent input from members of AavegotchiDAO (h/t to letsgobankless and Dolphene!), we’re ready to share a distribution method that gives high highs but still has a long tail of rewards.

  • The top 2,000 Aavegotchi in each of the three categories will earn GHST tokens!
  • The cumulative #1 rarity score Aavegotchi can easily earn more than 50,000 GHST!
  • An Aavegotchi placing within a single round’s top 20 rarity score can earn at least 1,800 GHST!
  • A top ranking experience points Aavegotchi can earn north of 5,000 GHST cumulatively!
  • All players ranking within the Top 500 for rarity farming can earn up to 100 GHST. Free Portal!

The first of many seasons

There will be more seasons incorporating more aspects of the growing Aavegotchi universe. This first season launches without minigames live on Matic or all trait modifiers in effect. As more of these features come online, you can expect an increasing number of categories and options as we head into future seasons.



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