Rarity Farming has arrived — here’s how to play

5 min readJan 2, 2021


Move over yield farming, there’s a new game in town!

The first Haunt of Aavegotchi arrives on January 4 and will only contain 10,000 Portal NFTs. No more Aavegotchis will be created until decreed by the AavegotchiDAO.

So if Aavegotchis are so scarce, how many Portals should you get?

Today we’re helping to answer that question by announcing details for the first season of Rarity Farming, the metagame of Aavegotchi. Rarity farming rewards players for discovering and developing rare Aavegotchi. Raising Aavegotchis and equipping them with powerful wearables can lead to GHST token rewards as your Aavegotchi climbs the leaderboard.

Strap in, because the following numbers may cause moderate to severe amounts of FOMO.

Over 500,000 GHST allocated for Season 1 Rewards

If you’re keeping up with Aavegotchi, you know that 40% of all GHST spent in the Aavegotchi ecosystem is automatically allocated towards Rarity Farming rewards.

10,000 Portals x 100 GHST each means 1,000,000 GHST in revenue! 333,333 of that GHST will be burned forever, but 400,000 of it will be redistributed back to Aavegotchi owners as rewards during our first season of Rarity Farming.

In addition, 40% of all GHST earned from wearables, consumables and other game items are also redirected to the rewards pool. This easily puts the total rewards at well over 500,000 GHST.

To celebrate the successful launch of Aavegotchi, Pixelcraft Studios, the lead developers of Aavegotchi, is also allocating an additional 50,000 GHST to be distributed across the leaderboards at the end of Season 1.

So fren, are you ready to win and win big?

Here’s what you need to know.

A Frenly Guide Rarity Farming: Season One

Warning: Contains Alpha.

In the first Season of Rarity Farming, there will be three distinct leaderboards and reward pools.

  1. Rarity Score
  2. Kinship Score
  3. Experience Score

Rarity Score is the main reward pool with 70% of player rewards allocated toward this pool. An Aavegotchi’s rarity score is determined by:

  • Randomly generated traits
  • Additional points from equipped wearable items
  • Final modifications made via leveling up (1 pt. per 3 XP levels)

Climb this chart by opening portals and summoning rare Aavegotchi. Then boost them over the top with powerful wearables, and take part in community events to gain XP.

Kinship Score is more accessible in that even the most common of Aavegotchi are on an equal footing from day one. On-chain interactions with your Aavegotchi boost your Aavegotchi’s kinship score (once every twelve hours) by one point while every 24 hours of neglect leads to a single point decline. Climb this chart by petting your Aavegotchi, changing its clothes, and feeding it kinship-boosting potions!

Experience Score is the final leaderboard and allows anyone with an internet connection to earn on their Aavegotchi’s behalf. Earn XP in season 1 by simply being active in the community. XP rewards will be doled out for attending online events, voting in the DAO, and even volunteer work in the Discord. Climb this chart by being active, engaged and adding value to the wider community!

Aavegotchi are incentivized to participate in all three categories but by no means have to. Note that the rewards are weighted from the most on-chain heavy to the least.

Reward allocations per category:

  • 70% for Rarity Score
  • 20% for Kinship Score
  • 10% for Experience Points

The top 20% of all Aavegotchis in each of the 3 categories will be earning rewards according to our distribution formula! Read on for more distribution details, but first, let’s see how the season is structured.

Structure of Season 1

Season 1 will begin at 2pm UTC, January 15 by taking a snapshot of the onchain balance of the Player Rewards address.

The first season is arranged into four distinct rounds. Each round lasts for two weeks and concludes with an on-chain snapshot of the rarity scores of all Aavegotchi. After each snapshot, rewards can be claimed by all successful rarity farmers and the next round immediately begins.

At the conclusion of the 4th round, all Aavegotchi’s cumulative scores will be calculated and weighted. The results of this cumulative score will determine the final rankings for Season 1! Pixelcraft Studios will be distributing their 50,000 GHST rewards pool in accordance with this final rankings leaderboard.

Leading Aavegotchis will also earn non-transferable NFT trophy badges. That’s right, Aavegotchis have the ability to own precious NFT treasures in their pockets. Strong performance in events like Season 1 lead to rare badges and further develop an Aavegotchi’s unique identity.

Rarity Farming Rewards with a long fluffy tail

The winning formula

After much review and excellent input from members of AavegotchiDAO (h/t to letsgobankless and Dolphene!), we’re ready to share a distribution method that gives high highs but still has a long tail of rewards.

Here’s some exciting examples of the rewards potential:

  • The top 2,000 Aavegotchi in each of the three categories will earn GHST tokens!
  • The cumulative #1 rarity score Aavegotchi can easily earn more than 50,000 GHST!
  • An Aavegotchi placing within a single round’s top 20 rarity score can earn at least 1,800 GHST!
  • A top ranking experience points Aavegotchi can earn north of 5,000 GHST cumulatively!
  • All players ranking within the Top 500 for rarity farming can earn up to 100 GHST. Free Portal!

Click here if you’d like to view the full distribution chart.

The first of many seasons

There will be more seasons incorporating more aspects of the growing Aavegotchi universe. This first season launches without minigames live on Matic or all trait modifiers in effect. As more of these features come online, you can expect an increasing number of categories and options as we head into future seasons.

This first season emphasizes the most central aspects of properly owning and developing an Aavegotchi. That makes sense at this early stage but we can also look forward to expanding rarity farming features in the months and years to come!

The first Season of Rarity Farming will begin roughly 2 weeks from the Mainnet launch of Aavegotchi, and will last for eight weeks.

Start formulating your strategy now — The Gotchi Games are starting soon!




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