Rarity Farming Season 2 is coming — Dates Announced!

6 min readOct 7, 2021

Get ready to farm 3 MILLION USD worth of GHST for your GotchiGang

Aavegotchi are some of today’s most innovative NFTs for a number of reasons: 100% on-chain visuals, dynamic metadata, and “NFT-as-a-wallet” composability puts them at the forefront of today’s revolution in digital ownership. But today, we’re excited to be highlighting the return of Aavegotchi’s original play-to-earn innovation: Rarity Farming.

Rarity farming rewards players for discovering and developing rare Aavegotchi. Raising Aavegotchis and equipping them with powerful wearables can lead to GHST token rewards as your Aavegotchi outcompetes its frens to climb the leaderboards.

Rarity Farming 101

How big is the pie?

This time around, a staggering 2 million GHST (~3.2M USD as of today) are allocated from the reward pool for 8 weeks of wild farming. When the dust settles, all 2 million GHST will have been distributed to the most active and happiest Aavegotchis.

When does it start?

Rarity Farming officially begins on October 12th, with the first snapshot and payout happening on October 26th.

How do I participate?

Simply by owning an Aavegotchi, you are participating in Rarity Farming! Even if your Aavegotchi is bridged to Ethereum, it will still be eligible for rewards in all categories.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, strap in for a deep dive in reward distributions as we learn how to prep your Gotchi to earn a piece of that sweet RF pie.


Rarity Farming Szn2 Cheat Sheet

The Circle of Win

Aavegotchi gives back to the community by allocating 40% of all GHST spent in primary sales towards player rewards, which currently take the form of Rarity Farming.

This summer’s Haunt 2 auction introduced 15,000 Portals along with many new wearables. 40% of revenue from this auction funded the reward pool to a total exceeding 3 million GHST! This means that Rarity Farming Season 2 is completely funded for a massive 2 Million GHST season (SZN 1 distributed 1.4m GHST), and we are already over halfway to funding Season 3 (date TBA later!).

*Rookie Kinship and Experience leaderboards offer the same rewards curves as non-rookie.

Introducing the Rookie Leaderboards

While Season One featured three distinct leaderboards, Season Two introduces the concept of “Rookie Leaderboards”, rankings only eligible to the latest Haunt of Aavegotchis.

Rookies enjoy two dedicated leaderboards for a couple reasons. First, their recent sales fund the majority of the current season’s pool. Second, the main kinship and experience leaderboards take time to climb, so older gotchis enjoy an advantage. This arrangement strikes a balance so that all Aavegotchis can continue to farm while new frens also enjoy a bit of space for themselves.

  • Rarity Score (60%)
  • Kinship Score (10%)
  • Experience Score (10%)
  • Rookie Kinship Score (10%)
  • Rookie Experience Score (10%)

Due to its capital intensiveness, the Rarity leaderboard continues to hold the majority of rewards allocation while all others are evenly split at 10% each.

Three Ways to Win

Rarity Score is the main reward pool with 60% of player rewards allocated toward this pool. An Aavegotchi’s final rarity score is determined by:

  • Randomly generated traits
  • Additional points from equipped wearable items and sets
  • Final modifications made via leveling up (1 pt. per 3 XP levels)
  • 🆕 The recently-introduced aging mechanism

Climb this chart by opening portals and summoning rare Aavegotchi. Then boost them over the top with powerful wearables, and take part in community events to gain XP.

Kinship Score is more accessible in that even the most common of Aavegotchi are on an equal footing from day one. On-chain interactions with your Aavegotchi boost your Aavegotchi’s kinship score (once every twelve hours) by one point while every 24 hours of neglect leads to a single point decline. Climb this chart by petting your Aavegotchi, changing its clothes, and feeding it kinship-boosting potions!

Experience Score is the final leaderboard and allows anyone with an internet connection to earn on their Aavegotchi’s behalf. Earn XP by simply being active in the community. XP rewards will be doled out for attending online events, voting in the DAO, and even volunteer work in the Discord. Climb this chart by being active, engaged and adding value to the wider community!

Structure of Season 2

Season 2 begins on October 12 and runs for four rounds, with each round lasting two weeks. At the end of each round, an on-chain snapshot of the scores of all Aavegotchis is taken.

After each snapshot, rewards are allocated and an announcement will be made when all GHST have been distributed. Aavegotchi have the ability to hold GHST token balances inside of them, which means rewards can be viewed and withdrawn by viewing your Aavegotchis “pocket” interface at Aavegotchi.com.

The next round immediately begins and lasts for another two weeks, culminating in another snapshot and distribution event.

At the conclusion of the 4th round, all Aavegotchi’s cumulative scores will be calculated and weighted. The Top 100 Aavegotchis with the highest cumulative score ranking in each leaderboard will receive special Rarity Farming Baadge NFTs airdropped into their pockets, to showcase their triumphs until the end of time!

Up only and up again

The distribution of rewards is methodical and transparent. You can view the full distribution model specific to this season right now. View the data sets now by clicking here.

Here’s some exciting examples of the rewards potential:

  • The top 5,000 Aavegotchi in each of the five categories will earn GHST tokens!
  • The cumulative #1 rarity score Aavegotchi can easily earn more than 100,000 GHST!
  • An Aavegotchi placing within a single round’s top 50 rarity score can earn at least 2,500 GHST!
  • A top ranking Haunt 2 Aavegotchi can earn thousands of GHST competing in the Rookie boards while they may also qualify for decent ranks on the main boards.
  • A Haunt 1 Aavegotchi can farm from all three main leaderboards simultaneously.

Dare to look rare

Season 2 begins Tuesday, October 12 but the first truly important date to remember is two weeks later. You want your Aavegotchis in tip-top shape by October 26. That’s when the first round will conclude with a snapshot of each leaderboard. Make sure you have your Aavegotchis looking and feeling their best so they can reap the rewards.

The rewards pool is deeper than ever so even after these eight weeks of mayhem, your Gotchis will be farming far into the future with more Seasons to come. Composability matters and all Aavegotchis will always have a place in rarity farming. An Aavegotchi’s passion for farming never expires!

See you on the leaderboard frens!

Aavegotchi team




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