RELEASE THE AAPES! Aavegotchi Raffle #3 Details Revealed

But first, a word on Wearables and Trait Modifiers

  • Energy
  • Aggression
  • Spookiness
  • Brain size

Full Breakdown: Raffle 3 Wearables + Trait Modifiers

Ethereum Maxi Set (Common, 1000 Each)

Foxy Meta Set (Uncommon, 500 Each)

Nogara the Eagle Set (Rare, 250 Each)

DeFi Degen Set (Legendary, 100 Each)

Gotchi Summoner Set (Mythical, 50 Each)

Vitalik Visionary Set (Godlike, 5 Each)


Frequently Aasked Questions

Q: What am I actually winning?

Q: How do I participate?

Q: How do I claim my prize?

Q: Am I guaranteed to win something?

Q: How many more Raffles will there be?

Q: What can I do with my newly won Vouchers?

Q: How do I participate?

Good luck, fren! \(^o^)/~

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