Second Gotchiverse Land Sale Confirmed to begin December 2nd

5 min readNov 16, 2021

10k Alpha-rich Parcels in the Eastern Citaadel to be distributed in an epic bid-to-earn auction!

It’s been an exciting year for #GotchiGang, with two successful Haunts, multiple Wearable drops, and numerous Raffles enjoyed by the community.

Although 2021 is nearing its conclusion, we’re still in shipping mode, full steam ahead towards the alpha launch of the Gotchiverse DeFi RPG. This means we need to get REALM parcels (the land of the Gotchiverse) into the hands of our players!

The first distribution event took place around Halloween weekend with 16,000 land parcels auctioned on the western portion of the Citaadel and an additional 4,000 parcels raffled to GHST stakers.

This time, 7,000 parcels will be auctioned and an additional 3,000 will be distributed via another Drop Ticket Raffle.

The second Gotchiverse Land Auction begins December 2nd, lasts 72 hours, and leverages GBM’s proprietary technology so participants earn GHST in real time, simply for being outbid! Each of the 7,000 parcels enjoy their own independent auction with no set minimum or maximum price.

All you need to participate are GHST tokens on Polygon, a web3 wallet like Metamask, and in your browser’s URL.

The Location

Find the perfect district for your abode, your guild, DAO, or frens circle! A new portion of mega District 1 is up for auction, as well as parcels in alpha-rich eastern Districts 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 28, 29, and 30.

Side note: District 30 has 1000 parcels reserved for the DAO Square. These Parcels will not be distributed via Auction or Raffle, but plots neighboring them will be. Specifically, 57 parcels are available in District 30.

Not only do Districts define who your neighbors will be in the Gotchiverse, they also come with special voting privileges. Each District will eventually be able to vote as a DAO on important aesthetic decisions such as roads and lights. Your District = your home!

Districts 1, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 28, 29, and 30 are being auctioned

The Time

Gotchiverse Land Auction #2 begins at 3PM UTC on Thursday, December 2nd and lasts for three days total, concluding at 3PM UTC on Sunday, December 5th. Please note that this auction starts an hour later than usual, to help accommodate our frens in the western hemisphere affected by Daylight Savings Time.

The closing moments are most important as that is when you need to make sure you win the auctions you value most. If someone outbids you in the final twenty minutes, hammer time kicks in, extending the auction by twenty minutes beyond the scheduled finish time. These back and forth bids can extend hammer time indefinitely as long as new bids continue to come in.

The Parcels

The second Gotchiverse auction will feature 7,000 parcels within the eastern half of the Citaadel, the stronkhold of Aavegotchis within the Gotchiverse.

Parcels come in three sizes, with each size providing greater deposits of Alchemica, the 4 ERC20 tokens necessary for crafting Gotchiverse NFTs such as harvesters, reservoirs, defense towers, and so much moar!

Farm all four Alchemica types and then use combinations of them to craft and upgrade your in-game NFTs

Parcels next to or adjacent to surface level Alchemica (easily seen on the map) will see farming boosters that guarantee amounts of the ERC20 tokens for you to farm, in addition to the Alchemica found under your parcel’s surface once the game begins. Exact amounts of Alchemica stores inside each parcel will be determined only when the game goes live and a parcel owner engages the “Gotchi Altar”.

All three sizes of parcels are available for bidding in this second presale and subsequent raffle:


- Size 8x8
- 40% of all parcels
- Contains smol deposits of Alchemica and building space.


- Size 16x16
- 40% of all parcels
- Contains reasonable deposits of Alchemica and building space


- Size 32x64
- 20% of all parcels
- Contains huge deposits of Alchemica and building space

Owners of Gotchiverse parcels can employ their Aavegotchis (and those of others) to farm their parcels, farming Alchemica tokens in real time. Each parcel will enjoy a varying amount of all four Alchemica: FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK.

Why Participate?

There are numerous reasons to participate whether you own an Aavegotchi or not. If you already own an Aavegotchi, having a parcel in the Citaadel will allow you an area to farm for Alchemica safe from Lickquidators, a designated place to spawn once you enter the Gotchiverse, and a space for your guild to coordinate.

If you don’t own an Aavegotchi, there is nothing stopping you from owning REALM parcels and renting other’s Aavegotchis so you can still farm your parcel yourself. Alternatively, you can even strive to be a Gotchiverse REALM baron, renting out parcels so others can do the farming for you! Each parcel is an ERC721 NFT so you can certainly resell any land on the secondary market as well. Finally, you can still earn GHST for simply participating and being outbid in these auctions. There’s never been a better time to get exposure to The Gotchiverse!

The Gotchiverse and all its Gotchus Alchemica is, in fact, very real

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