Stake GHST, Make FRENS Live on Ethereum Mainnet!

3 min readOct 20, 2020


Hey frens, we are excited to announce that the Stake GHST, Make FRENS functionality is live on Ethereum Mainnet, accessible via our staking UI at

Here’s how you can start staking your GHST token to earn FRENS:

  1. Acquire GHST from the official GHST token bonding curve OR other source such as Uniswap
  2. Stake your GHST Token (or GHST-ETH LP Token) via the Aavegotchi Mainnet Staking page to begin earning FRENS points*
  3. Redeem your FRENS for raffle tickets in the Aavegotchi Shop. Raffle tickets are ERC1155 compliant and can be traded freely on any market that supports the ERC1155 standard.

*1 GHST earns 1 FRENS point per day, and 1 GHST-ETH LP token earns 100 FRENS / day.

Why Staking?

Our dev team is working ‘round the clock to bring you the Aavegotchi game on Mainnet, but we realize that three months is a looong time in crypto. You, the early adopters of GHST, should be rewarded with exclusive swag that proves you were here from the beginning. Instead of waiting for Aavegotchi to launch on Mainnet, we enable a fairer distribution of Aavegotchi Aassets to our frens who were here first.

That’s why we took a little detour from our roadmap to develop the Stake GHST, Make FRENS functionality.

By staking GHST, you’ll earn FRENS points that can be converted into Tickets of 6 different rarity levels. Each Ticket can then be entered into Raffles held periodically before (and after) the Aavegotchi Mainnet launch. Lucky participants will win Vouchers that are fully convertible into Aavegotchi Wearables on Mainnet.

What can I win?

The first Raffle will be created on November 10, and will have a Staking Period of 72 hours. During the creation event, the Summoning Team will mint and transfer all of the prizes into the Staking Contract, all of which will be verifiable on the blockchain.

During the Staking Period, the Tickets can be staked (cannot be removed after staking). Once the 72 hour Staking Period is complete, anyone can call the smart contract function to generate a provably random number using Chainlink VRF that will determine the winners.

After the random number has been generated, winners will be displayed on the Aavegotchi website and can easily claim their prizes.

Vouchers, like Tickets, are ERC1155 compliant and can be traded anywhere that supports ERC1155s.

There will be six categories of prizes: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mythical, and Godlike.

We are excited to announce that the first set of raffle prizes are LINK-themed, to celebrate our first integration of Chainlink VRF. There will be at least two more FRENS-exclusive wearable sets distributed via raffles before the Mainnet launch of Aavegotchi.

Are my funds safe in your contract?

Our staking contract has been thoroughly vetted by dozens of Solidity developers via a robust bug bounty program. We also took the extra step of soliciting a full audit of the contracts by leading audit firm Quantstamp (full report coming soon). No exploits or bugs were found during the audit, so you can #apesafe into the GHST staking contracts.

Update: November 4

How many GODLIKE tickets (50,000 FRENS each) do you think will be staked into the first Raffle on Nov. 10? Retweet, comment your guess and @ 2 people to be eligible to win one of three GHST prizes!




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