Surprise! We’re launching an Aavegotchi NFT Marketplace

Why a Marketplace?

Matic’s low transaction fees and fast block times make it the perfect environment for an NFT marketplace. Arkane Wallet has already announced they are building an NFT marketplace on Matic, and rumors are swirling of another leading NFT marketplace launching soon! While we look forward to Aavegotchi NFTs trading across all those venues eventually, we also want to offer a Day One trading experience that is tailored to some of Aavegotchis most unique aspects.

Introducing… The Aavegotchi Baazaar

  • Portals (yet to be opened)
  • Portals (already opened)
  • Aavegotchis (with their inventory included)
  • Wearables
  • Consumables
  • Raffle Tickets

A Market Made for Aavegotchis

Aavegotchi are not your average crypto pet. They are complex beings filled with personality (traits), emotions (kinship) and spirit (staked maTokens). Aavegtochis also make use of the ERC-998 standard, so they carry other NFTs within them. When an Aavegotchi finds a new owner, all of its inventory items including wearables and NFT badges move with it.

Safety First, Fren!

The Baazaar’s user interface is meant to organize and present this plethora of information in a useful, intuitive, and simple way.

Know Your Gotchi

The next section features primary information about each Aavegotchi: its current appearance (including equipped wearables), current owner, rarity score, amount of staked maTokens, level, haunt and kinship score. The buy icon is also in this area and prominently highlights the listing price.

The Gotchi Pocket

Scroll further down to check the inventory, also known as the “Gotchi Pocket”.

Much ado about fees

Trading fees are the lifeblood of crypto markets, and it only makes sense that the Aavegotchi Baazaar should have them as well. However, unlike most NFT markets, our fees are shared with YOU, our aamazing community.

In Summary

It should be a joy to discover each Aavegotchi’s story and we believe the Baazaar helps achieve this in many ways. We’ve built this marketplace to be informative, intuitive and full of utility.



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