Surprise! We’re launching an Aavegotchi NFT Marketplace

5 min readFeb 1, 2021

Wait…this wasn’t on the original roadmap! A custom fit Aavegotchi marketplace?!

Yes frens, this is the future we knew we wanted, but didn’t know we could enjoy so soon. An official Aavegotchi Marketplace is launching alongside Portals and Wearables in February, to ensure your Gotchi fren has a fine wardrobe that fits its personality.

Why a Marketplace?

Matic’s low transaction fees and fast block times make it the perfect environment for an NFT marketplace. Arkane Wallet has already announced they are building an NFT marketplace on Matic, and rumors are swirling of another leading NFT marketplace launching soon! While we look forward to Aavegotchi NFTs trading across all those venues eventually, we also want to offer a Day One trading experience that is tailored to some of Aavegotchis most unique aspects.

Drumroll please!

Introducing… The Aavegotchi Baazaar

Behold the Aavegotchi Baazaar! This simple marketplace enables you to trade Aavegotchis in a fully-immersive environment that displays each Aavegotchi’s unique traits, rarity score, spirit (staked collateral maTokens) as well as any wearables in their inventory and even badges they have received over time.

The Baazaar is the main hub for all Aavegotchi commerce, hosting both the primary Aavegotchi Shop and the secondary market for any owners looking to list their holdings. Visit the Aavegotchi Shop for the latest releases of wearables, potions etc and then browse the various categories of resales including:

  • Portals (yet to be opened)
  • Portals (already opened)
  • Aavegotchis (with their inventory included)
  • Wearables
  • Consumables
  • Raffle Tickets

Exploring this marketplace will be a game all by itself. You can peruse all existing Aavegotchis regardless of whether they are listed for sale or not. Bright colors indicate the rarity of each item, traits and inventory are clearly defined, and prices are all denominated in only the best gaming currency: GHST 👻!

A Market Made for Aavegotchis

Aavegotchi are not your average crypto pet. They are complex beings filled with personality (traits), emotions (kinship) and spirit (staked maTokens). Aavegtochis also make use of the ERC-998 standard, so they carry other NFTs within them. When an Aavegotchi finds a new owner, all of its inventory items including wearables and NFT badges move with it.

This means that each Aavegotchi listing represents not just itself, but also all the items and badges in its inventory!

Safety First, Fren!

The Baazaar’s user interface is meant to organize and present this plethora of information in a useful, intuitive, and simple way.

At the very top is the Aavegotchi’s name — a completely unique identifier in the Aavegotchi metaverse, only changeable by the owner.

Next to the name is an important indicator: a green check mark indicating the current owner has “locked” the Aavegotchi. Locking an Aavegotchi prevents the owner from removing inventory items or staked maTokens, while still allowing them to interact meaningfully with their Aavegotchi.

These restrictions are critical for avoiding “mini-rug pulls” that could otherwise occur during the final moments of a trade. An unlocked Aavegotchi will showcase a red warning indicator with further pop-ups suggesting a trade should not be engaged in until the owner has properly locked the Aavegotchi.

Know Your Gotchi

The next section features primary information about each Aavegotchi: its current appearance (including equipped wearables), current owner, rarity score, amount of staked maTokens, level, haunt and kinship score. The buy icon is also in this area and prominently highlights the listing price.

Laid out neatly below this information are the Aavegotchi’s six traits.

These traits are dynamic and can be nudged along the bell curve by equipping various wearables and earning XP points to level up. Extremely low and extremely high scores are equally desirable. It’s the common, middle-scored traits that deliver the least rarity.

The Gotchi Pocket

Scroll further down to check the inventory, also known as the “Gotchi Pocket”.

You’ll see all the wearables an Aavegotchi has, as well as any badges earned along the way. Understanding the potential utility and speculative value of each individual wearable is part of the fun of collecting Aavegotchis.

Badges are another unique value-add because many of them are non-transferable NFTs earned when your Aavegotchi completes specific tasks (like voting in the DAO). Such badges go a long way toward developing a unique record and identity for a particular Aavegotchi.

Much ado about fees

Trading fees are the lifeblood of crypto markets, and it only makes sense that the Aavegotchi Baazaar should have them as well. However, unlike most NFT markets, our fees are shared with YOU, our aamazing community.

We’ve already seen the power of trading fees applied to the GHST bonding curve. Just a few weeks after passing AGIP-2, the DAO treasury has already accumulated over 25,000 DAI in trading fees!

Aavegotchi is all about trading to get the ideal gear for your Gotchi, so we believe that marketplace fees will provide a strong and sustainable revenue stream for both Pixelcraft Studios (the developers of Aavegotchi) and the AavegotchiDAO for years to come.

Typical NFT marketplaces charge anywhere from 2–4% in trading fees. The Aavegotchi Baazaar fee schedule fits within this range, with exact numbers as defined below:

Base Fee (Applied to all items in the Baazaar)
1% — Pixelcraft Studios
0.5% — AavegotchiDAO

We are also excited to welcome select third-party projects to list on the Baazaar, via direct cooperation with Aavegotchi.

These projects can choose to add additional trading fees on top of the base fees listed above.

For Aavegotchi, we have added an additional 1.5% fee, with 1% to Pixelcraft Studios and 0.5% to the AavegotchiDAO, for a grand total of 3%. We welcome any discussion on these numbers from the community.

Finally, to prevent spam listings on the fee-less Matic Network, we have implemented a 0.1 GHST fee per listing. This 0.1 GHST goes neither to Pixelcraft Studios nor to AavegotchiDAO. Instead, it will be sent directly to the burn address on Matic when a listing is created or updated🔥.

In Summary

It should be a joy to discover each Aavegotchi’s story and we believe the Baazaar helps achieve this in many ways. We’ve built this marketplace to be informative, intuitive and full of utility.

The launch version is on track to support all varieties of Aavegotchi NFTs, but due to time constraints, it is lacking more sophisticated features such as auctions and direct offers. What kind of features do you want? Let us know, or join the Aavegotchi team and help build it together!




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