The DeFi Case for GHST

What Makes a Good DeFi Collateral?

According to the Aave Risk Quantification Criterion, ideal DeFi collaterals have low volatility, high volume, are permissionless, and have long on-chain history, with wide distribution among a large group of token holders.

Why GHST is the Perfect DeFi Collateral

Reason 1 — GHST has utility

DeFi markets are built around borrowers — without borrowers willing to pay interest on loans, there is no market for depositors.

  • Staking in Aavegotchi Staking contracts, earning FRENS;
  • Providing liquidity on DEXes;
  • Participating in #BidToEarn Auctions, where getting outbid earns you GHST;
  • Staking as collateral within Aavegotchi NFTs;
  • Purchasing and trading Aavegotchi NFT assets

Reason 2 — GHST has unique tokenomics

The normalized volatility of GHST is 5%, significantly lower than most other non-stablecoin cryptocurrencies.

Reason 3 — GHST is decentralized

Minting and burning of GHST is permissionless, via the AMM bonding curve described above. The bonding curve itself is governed by AavegotchiDAO, an Aragon-deployed DAO on Ethereum Mainnet. Votes to change parameters of the bonding curve, or even disable it entirely, must first be approved by the Council (Pixelcraft), and then voted on by all GHST holders, with a quorum of 8%.

Bonus Reason: GHST has an amazing community

Although GHST has only existed for a little less than a year, it already has more than 17,000 holders, stakers, and traders, on Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon sidechain. It has been listed on most major CEXes and DEXes, and boasts over a million transactions.

It’s Already Happening

We are currently applying for a Chainlink price feed for GHST-ETH to make GHST even more accessible for world-class DeFi applications.

  • Help support our Aave listing by delegating Proposition Power to coderdan.eth (0xC3c2e1Cf099Bc6e1fA94ce358562BCbD5cc59FE5) on the Aave Governance Portal, and voting YES on our Aave Snapshot Proposal.
  • Contact us if you’d like to learn about listing GHST on your DeFi application.



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