The Gotchiverse Game Bible: Chapter 2

How a Chapter Becomes Canon

In tandem with the publishing of each Chapter, we will create a discussion thread on the DAO forum where the community can discuss the information presented in the Chapter.

Part 1: Alchemica Tokenomics

Confirmed and immutable

Alchemica Supplies and Allocation

  • FUD: 100,000,000,000 (100 Billion)
  • FOMO: 50,000,000,000 (50 Billion)
  • ALPHA: 25,000,000,000 (25 Billion)
  • KEK: 10,000,000,000 (10 Billion)

Average Alchemica Per Parcel (Confirmed in Paatch v0.1)

Similar to the “Portal” mechanic in Aavegotchi, REALM Parcels must be surveyed before they finally reveal the quantity of Alchemica that rests inside them. The surveying process is an onchain call to Chainlink VRF, a truly randomized number generator.

Surveying Alchemica Range

The range of possible Alchemica that can be discovered during each surveying round. To prevent a bad player experience, the “minimum” that can be surveyed is 20% of the average, and the “maximum” is 1.8x of the average.

Crafting Revenue Distribution

Whenever an Installation, upgrade or other item is crafted within the Gotchiverse, the underlying Alchemica are sent to four distinct places.

  • The Great Portal is the heartbeat of the Gotchiverse. Whenever items are crafted in the Gotchiverse, 35% of that Alchemica is captured by the most important Portal in the game. As the Great Portal’s treasury balloons, a great prophecy waits to be fulfilled…
  • Initially, the Great Portal Capacity will be 1% of total supply, but this can be altered by AavegotchiDAO. Speaking of AavegotchiDAO…
  • AavegotchiDAO, the governing body of the Aavegotchi Protocol, receives 30% of the crafted Alchemica split. This Alchemica balance represents a powerful opportunity for the community to have a direct stake in treasury management and put these tokens to work on the protocol’s behalf.
  • Pixelcraft Studios, the Gotchiverse’s dev house, also receives 30% of crafted Alchemica. These Alchemica balances can quickly be put to work in any endeavor supporting the growth of the Aavegotchi protocol and Gotchiverse game. Besides just diamond-handing, user acquisition, strategic allocations and marketing initiatives are some of the ways Alchemica can be put to work.
  • A 5% token burn is the cherry on top of this Crafting Revenue Distribution plan. A burn of this significance will help to offset the various ebbs and flows of Alchemica inflation, whether it be from player adoption spikes, planned Alchemical events like The Great Battles, or very lucky surveyed REALM Parcels.

Parcel Boosts

Parcel Boosts are spots of Alchemica directly adjacent to REALM Parcels within the Gotchiverse. Unlike surveyed Alchemica, which is randomly given by VRF, Parcel Boosts are base amounts of Alchemica that are added to the total Alchemica of a Parcel after surveying.


After each Great Battle in Act 1, players will be able to survey their Parcel again, rolling to get more Alchemica. The Boost amount above will be added onto the amount rolled by the player for each surveying round.

Alchemica Bubble Ups

The Bubble Ups concept grew out of the debated Paatch 0.1c where Increase Boost Amounts failed to pass. Alchemica Bubble Ups provide additional utility to boosts, while still requiring the player to actively harvest the Alchemica that bubbles up.

Part 2: Installation Traits and Recipes

Confirmed but not immutable


Crafting Installations and upgrading them to become more powerful is an important part of the Gotchiverse experience. Different Installations require different “recipes” to craft and upgrade, which is why the Aadepts provided us with a handy Recipe Book for reference! You can find the latest Recipes here.

Harvest Rate, Capacity, and Spillover

Haarvesters and Reservoirs are special Installations that allow mining of Alchemica from beneath the Gotchiverse surface.

Removing Installations

Once an Installation is added to a Parcel, it can be upgraded or removed. Removing the Installation destroys the underlying NFT, but returns 50% of all Alchemica spent on the Installation and its upgrades to the original owner.

Part 3: Aavegotchi Trait Mappings

Confirmed but not immutable

Trait Definitions

  • Health Points: Your Gotchi’s total health. Also doubles as a Stamina meter.
  • Armor: Reduces how much damage your Gotchi takes when attacked.
  • Attack Speed: Your Gotchi’s attack rate (how many attacks per second).
  • Carrying Capacity: How much Alchemica your Gotchi can carry before needing to unload.
  • Ethereality: Your Gotchi’s chance to evade enemy attacks and to reduce wall knockback.
  • Handling: Your Gotchis’s degree of inertia in movement and acceleration/deceleration.
  • Health Regen Speed: Your Gotchi’s speed of health / stamina regeneration.
  • Melee Damage: How much damage your Gotchi’s melee attacks will inflict.
  • Movement Speed: Your Gotch’s speed of movement.
  • Ranged Damage: How much damage your Gotch’s ranged attacks will inflict.
  • Vision Range: How far out your Gotchi can see the world (zoom level).

Trait Mappings

Confirmed but not immutable

Rarity Score

The Rarity Score of an Aavegotchi directly affects its traits on the curve, but Gotchis with higher Rarity Score (using the original BRS formula) also enjoy one more benefit in the Gotchiverse — more Health Points! As an Aavegotchi’s traits approach (and even go beyond) the extremes of 0 and 99, its base Health Points increase non-linearly (exact values to come in the Gotchi Traits 2 Chapter).

Experience Levels

In Aavegotchi, for every three on-chain levels an Aavegotchi gains, it earns one Spirit Point that can be applied towards increasing NRG, AGG, SPK, or BRN permanently.



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