The Ultimate Guide to Aavegotchi Land Sale #1 — Coming this Halloween 🎃

7 min readOct 13, 2021

Get your GHST Ready for the first Gotchiverse REALM Parcel Auction!

The long-awaited Gotchiverse land auction is finally within sight, frens! The anticipation rose steadily as we released the Gotchiverse REALM litepaper back in June, published the Next 120 Days of Aavegotchi blog post in early September, and shared an ebic teaser video a few weeks ago.

Well now THE WAIT IS OVER! We’ve got the dates for the first ever Gotchiverse land auction and the three day extravaganza concludes on the most ghostly day of all, Halloween!

Soon, players will begin to explore, build, battle, earn and socialize within the Gotchiverse, but first we need to distribute the REALM parcels. So starting Thursday, October 28 and running through the weekend you can join the fray in this #BidToEarn style GBM auction, where participants can earn GHST for LOSING bids. If losing feels so good, imagine how you’ll feel when you actually win a REALM parcel!

Whether you’re a hardcode Aavegotchi OG, or a newcomer looking for a great entry point, this auction is definitely something you don’t want to miss!

The Guide

PART ONE: The Location

The first auction takes place completely within the Gotchi Citaadel with all available parcels populating the West/Northwest area.

The Citaadel offers the safest farming destination in all of the Gotchiverse. No menacing Lickquidators are allowed and Aavegotchis are able to farm and play in peace!

Everyone in the Gotchiverse knows, the Citaadel is primo real estate.

The Citaadel is a Gotchi stronkhold within the Gotchiverse

PART TWO: The Time

The REALM Parcel auction will happen over a 72 hour period, beginning on October 28, 2PM UTC and ending on October 31, 2PM UTC.

Some Auctions may be extended due to “hammer time”, which extends an Auction by twenty minutes if a bid is placed near the end.

When: October 28, 2pm UTC — October 31, 2pm UTC
Prerequisite: A nice bag of GHST tokens on Polygon Network.

PART THREE: The Parcels

REALM Land Parcel Auction #1 will feature 16,000 parcels within the Citaadel, the stronkhold of Aavegotchis within the Gotchiverse.

Each Parcel will be its own independent Auction, with no set minimum or maximum price.

Parcels come in three sizes, with each size providing greater deposits of Alchemica, the 4 ERC20 tokens necessary for crafting installation NFTs in the Gotchiverse.

Parcels next to or adjacent to Alchemica deposits will see farming boosters indicated on the auction dashboard. However, exact amounts of Alchemica stored inside each parcel will be determined only when the game goes live and the owner engages the “Gotchi Altar” (where Chainlink VRF takes all inputs into consideration and distributes the Alchemica).

Size: 8x8
- 40% of all parcels
- Contains smol deposits of Alchemica and building space

-Size: 16x16
-40% of all parcels
-Contains reasonable deposits of Alchemica and building space

-Size: 32x64
-20% of all parcels
-Contains huge deposits of Alchemica and building space

What can I do with my Parcel?

While Aavegotchis are cute and frenly, they will do what is necessary to defend the Great Portal and their home-base, The Citaadel. The Great Portal is the massive magical structure bridging the chasm between the Gotchiverse and the human realm. It also protects The Citaadel with a force field at (almost) all times. In return, The Great Portal takes a small amount of the Alchemica harvested in the Gotchiverse.

The only time the force field drops is during the Great Battle, where Lickquidators target the Great Portal and the Alchemica that lies within. Lickquidators and Great Battles will take place only within the area outside of the Citaadel (unless the Licks break through the defenses! 😱)

Owners of REALM parcels can employ their Aavegotchis (and those of others) to farm their parcels, producing quantities of resources known as Gotchus Alchemica. Gotchus Alchemica are ERC20 Tokens that make up the four elements of the Gotchiverse: FOMO, KEK, ALPHA, and FUD.

Gotchus Alchemica can be combined to create powerful structures known as Installations and aesthetica among other uses. Although there are no victory conditions or “end of game” scenarios, one overarching goal of the Gotchiverse is to collect Alchemica to bolster your parcel to produce more yield, and build defensive structures in preparation for the coming of the Prophecy, and the great Lickquidators invasion.

Auction UI: First Look 👀

Our team has been working hard to build the smoothest, most intuitive, and most enjoyable Auction interface possible for this momentous occasion.

Some of the highlights of the auction interface include:

  • An interactive map with zooming
  • Multiple filters to help you find the perfect parcel
  • “List” view to see the latest bids as they come in
  • Searching by parcel token ID, region, and alchemica boosts
  • …and many more!

Here’s a preview of the Auction interface as it exists today:

On the left you have three main options:

  • Select “Auctions” to see all live auctions and explore via map or list mode.
  • Select “My Bids” to see all of the auctions you are participating in, as well as each bid’s status.
  • Select “My Payouts” to see how much GHST you have earned via being outbid.

3 Word Addresses

One of our favorite features for REALM parcels has to be their unique addresses. The big brains at Pixelcraft Studios have used geo-mapping tools to assign a unique three word combination to each parcel address. This metadata is more human frenly and is in addition to the TokenID. Instead of a boring string of numbers, your REALM parcel is very easy to remember and search for. Type any address word in the search box to filter specifically for parcels that have the word or words you’re looking for.

Auction Hammer Time

All auctions are initially scheduled to conclude at 2pm UTC on Halloween Sunday. However, any auction that has a new top bid entered in the final 20 minutes will see a 20 minute extension added to the auction’s length, known as hammer time. This prevents any last minute swoops and bots hate it too. Everyone has an opportunity to give a final bid. There is no limit on hammer time, so it’s entirely possible a bidding war can lead to hours of back and forth top bids before the final auctions conclude.

Why Participate?

There are numerous reasons to participate whether you own an Aavegotchi or not. If you already own an Aavegotchi, having a parcel in the Citaadel will allow you a designated place to spawn once you enter the Gotchiverse, an area to farm for Alchemica safe from Lickquidators, and a space for your guild to coordinate.

If you don’t own an Aavegotchi, there is nothing stopping you from owning REALM for its collectible value. These are ERC721 NFTs so you can certainly resell any land you win on the secondary market. More interestingly, you can even strive to be a Gotchiverse REALM baron, renting out parcels so others can do the farming for you! Finally, you can still earn GHST for simply participating and being outbid in these auctions. There’s never been a better time to get exposure to The Gotchiverse!

Citaadel Parcel Raffle

In addition to the 16,000 parcels up for auction, another 4,000 will be available via a Chainlink VRF powered raffle held shortly after the REALM auction ends. Get your Drop Tickets ready frens!

MY BODY IS READY, how do I join??

Get some GHST from your favorite source, and look out for the starting announcement on the Aavegotchi socials: Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.

We’ll also be dropping a live preview of the map several days before the auction begins, to give you plenty of time to scope out your targets.

See you in the Aauction House!

Aavegotchi Team

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