TOP SECRET: Gotchus Alchemica Tokenomics Report

6 min readOct 25, 2021

Confidential briefing on the #PlayToEarn aspect of Aavegotchi


The Aavegotchi Gotchiverse introduces four unique Play to Earn tokens that players can earn by active collecting and passive harvesting. These four tokens, known as the Gotchus Alchemica, exist in limited quantities throughout the Gotchiverse, and play a significant role in crafting Installations and building up your parcel.

We, the Gotchi Explorers Organization (GEOlogists) have done extensive research into the topography and atmosphere of the Gotchiverse, and have prepared a concise overview of the main features for you below.

We humbly request that you do NOT share this report with the uninitiated, as doing so may cause spontaneous spasms of excitement and impulsiveness.


What exactly are REALM parcels?

REALM is the official name of the ERC721 NFT that represents ownership of a plot of land in the Gotchiverse.

As confirmed in the Litepaper several months ago, only 420,069 REALM tokens can ever exist, and they will be distributed over a period of many years, in three separate Acts.

Act I contains 155,069 REALM parcels, a third of which reside in the Gotchi Citaadel, the stronkhold of Gotchi-kind within the Gotchiverse, and the rest exist in the Grid, a wildland where danger and adventure lurk.

REALM parcels can be equipped onchain with Installations, powerful child NFTs that extend the functionality of the REALM or change its appearance.

Leaked early concept art of the Gotchi Altar installation

What are Gotchus Alchemica?

Gotchus Alchemica, colloquially known as Alchemica, are the four elements of the Gotchiverse — FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK. They are native to the Gotchiverse, and act as raw materials for everything built within.

Each of the four Gotchus Alchemica tokens is an ERC20 token on the blockchain, fully ownable and tradable by its holder.

How do I get Gotchus Alchemica?

Alchemica can be harvested from REALM parcels via Harvesters and Reservoir installations, which mint new tokens and deplete the total amount of Alchemica in the REALM parcel.

Alchemica can also be channeled directly from the Gotchiverse atmosphere by an Aavegotchi in a process known as “alchemical channeling”.

What is the total supply of each Gotchus Alchemica within the Gotchiverse?


We have conducted thorough surveys of the Gotchiverse land mass, and they were not surprised to discover that FUD is the most abundant of all Gotchus Alchemica in the Gotchiverse.

According to our calculations, the total supply of FUD is 100,000,000,000, or one-hundred billion.


Extensive research has shown that the next most abundant Alchemica in the Gotchiverse is FOMO, at a max supply of 50,000,000,000, or fifty billion. This makes sense, given the fact that Aavegotchis themselves are the spirits of yield farmers who FOMO’d in a bit too hard and got liquidated.


Alpha is far scarcer than FUD and FOMO, but still abundant, with a total supply of 25,000,000,000, or twenty-five billion. Notably, ALPHA concentrations are higher than normal inside the Citaadel. The GEO team has concluded that while ALPHA may be rare, it is still possible to find significant deposits with enough digging.


Of all the Gotchus Alchemica, KEK is by far the rarest, with a total supply of only 10,000,000,000, or ten billion. The GEO team has concluded: when you find something that can make you KEK, hold on to it, fren.

How much Alchemica can I expect to find in my REALM parcel?

The GEO team has come up with accurate estimations of the Alchemica concentration for each REALM parcel within the Gotchiverse. These estimations are based on the three general parcel sizes: humble, reasonably-sized, and spacious.

It is impossible to discern the exact concentrations of Alchemica until an official Survey has been executed via the Gotchi Aaltar. Therefore, we offer our best estimates of Alchemica concentrations within each REALM.

Do note that our estimates are only for Act I, and do not include deposits that may be found in Acts II and III.

Does it mean anything if my parcel is adjacent to Alchemica?

Yes, indeed! Though we cannot estimate the exact amount of Alchemica underneath a parcel, it’s simple arithmetic to calculate how much is next to it.

Based on our calculations, we have discovered that when viewing the Gotchiverse from a bird’s eye point-of-view, one square of Alchemica adjacent to a REALM parcel roughly equates to:

  • 1000 FUD
  • 500 FOMO
  • 250 ALPHA
  • 100 KEK

Which bonus you receive of course depends on which Alchemica is adjacent to your Parcel.

Over how long a period will these Alchemica be distributed?

The Gotchiverse is an expansive world with numerous regions to visit and explore. By our estimations, we expect the discovery process to spread over a period of at least five years, spread out over multiple Acts.

From our research, it appears 25% of the total supply of Alchemica will be distributed during Act I (Citaadel and Grid) via REALM parcel harvesting.

We have also gleaned clues from the Summoners that up to 25% of Alchemica will be distributed via Alchemical channeling throughout the three Acts, which the Summoners have deemed the “Gotchi UBI”.

What will the Alchemica be used for?

According to the Litepaper published by the Summoners, Alchemica will be used for crafting Installations to augment the REALM parcel, as well as Aesthetica for decorating parcels, and other special edition NFTs. Installations have in-game utility helping Gotchis to farm, socialize, or even defend their parcels.

Each Alchemica has unique use cases within the Gotchiverse, and can be used alone or combined with other Alchemica during crafting to form Installations.

During the crafting process, a small portion of Alchemica (5%) is burned forever, whilst the remainder is split between three key sources:

  • 40% to The Great Portal, the source of all energy within the Gotchiverse. The Great Portal will accumulate a reserve of Alchemica over time, and any amount excess to this will be recycled back throughout the Gotchiverse via alchemical channeling and other rewarding activities.
  • 40% to the Summoners, who willed the Gotchiverse into existence. The Summoners are humble and wise and will do everything in their power to promote life within the Gotchiverse.
  • 15% to the AavegotchiDAO, the stewards and caretakers of the Gotchiverse. They make the Gotchiverse a place worth living in!

The Great Replenishings

During our research, we did discover an anomaly that we must disclose to our readers.

All is not well within the Gotchiverse…Hungry Lickquidators lurk outside the Citaadel, eager to plunder the Great Portal and consume the yield of the Gotchis forever.

Prophecies have hinted that nine Great Battles will occur, in which the Lickquidators will break through the Citaadel walls and attempt to plunder the Great Portal, which would be devastating for the Gotchikin.

However, there appears to be a silver lining.

These traumatic events shake the foundations of the Gotchiverse, uncovering new wealth that was previously hidden below the surface. After each Great Battle, a Great Replenishing is bound to occur, permanently boosting the Alchemica found under each REALM parcel.

How much exactly, we will have to wait and see.

— — END REPORT — —

Thank you for reading our report. We will continue to investigate this strange new world and provide in-depth reports back to you.

In the meantime, the first public offering of REALM within the Gotchiverse will start on Oct. 28 and last for three days. You can dial in via the portal site .

Good luck, fren.

Gotchi Explorers Organization (GEO)

GEO Chief Forecaster leading a briefing




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