[VOTE] AGIP14 and AGIP15: FRENS for GHST-MATIC LPs + Creating a Wearables Task Force

5 min readNov 12, 2021

AavegotchiDAO to act on two binding votes this week!

Today marks another exciting milestone for AavegotchiDAO and the road to greater decentralization: multiple proposals arriving that originate from the community without any direction from the core development team!

The FRENS Taask Force (itself assembled following September’s AGIP12) has issued its first proposal and DiddlyPoo’s proposal for a Wearables Taask Force has also passed its initial SigProp vote.

Read on to learn more about these two important votes and then join their respective discussion threads at dao.aavegotchi.com:

The votes are open for the following week. Plenty of time to consider, discuss and ultimately vote at the AavegotchiDAO Snapshot.



Without further ado, let’s read the Core Proposals in their entirety!

[AGIP14] Earn FRENS with GHST-MATIC LP Tokens

Author: FRENS Taaskforce, jarrod | aavegotchistats.com#9686
XP Reward: 20 XP for each Aavegotchi in the voter’s wallet
Quorum requirement: 20% (roughly 8.5M according to https://aavegotchi.com/quorum/)
Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/frens-incentive-for-matic-ghst-lp-pair-on-sushiswap/2336

This is the first DAO proposal to be created by the FRENS Taask Force (rebranded from FRENS Committee)

Proposal Details


Polygon has been a huge reason behind the success of Aavegotchi. Super low transaction fees paid in MATIC have enabled the team to build a game where there is lots of activity happening on-chain such as petting, bid to earn auctions, Baazaar sales, and storage of the Aavegotchi game art.

As of early September, Sushiswap started offering 2x SUSHI rewards for farming the GHST-MATIC LP pair on Sushiswap: https://app.sushi.com/farm?filter=2x

The WMATIC / GHST Pair currently boasts almost $500,000 in liquidity, with 49.40% APY


The FRENS Taask Force recommends enabling a FRENS incentive to be paid for the GHST-MATIC LP pair on their AMM.

We recommend that the target rate of FRENS paid to the GHST-MATIC LP pair is greater than the target incentive for the GHST-ETH LP pair (120%) but lower than the target incentive for the GHST-QUICK pair (135%).

This is because the Impermanent Loss (IL) risk for GHST-MATIC is higher compared to GHST-ETH but lower compared to GHST-QUICK. We would recommend a target rate of 130% for the GHST-MATIC LP pair.

Currently, the majority of the liquidity for GHST resides on Quickswap.

See: https://frens-taaskforce.vercel.app/

This offers a great opportunity to move some of the liquidity over to the widely adopted Sushiswap AMM and reduce our dependence on Quickswap.


Option 1: Yes, reward GHST-MATIC LPs with FRENS
Option 2: No, don’t reward GHST-MATIC LPs with FRENS

[AGIP15] Create a Wearables Taask Force

Author: Diddlypoo#0492
XP Reward: 20 XP for each Aavegotchi in the voter’s wallet
Quorum requirement: 20% (roughly 8.5M according to https://aavegotchi.com/quorum/)
Vote duration: 7 days


CoreProp Discussion Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/coreprop-agip15-create-a-wearables-taask-force/2603
Original Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/wearables-taask-force/2350/

Wearables play an important role in the Aavegotchi ecosystem

Proposal Details


Within the Aavegotchi ecosystem wearables play a vital role, whether it be boosting BRS for rarity farming, improving traits for minigames, utility in the upcoming metaverse, or just showing off. Due to the complexity of the different possible trait ranges of gotchis, and the variety of possible wearable stats, it is not an easy task to arrive at a balanced distribution of equippable items. Releasing new wearables without proper analysis can lead to duplication (and dilution) of existing items and further skew of practical applicable sets for gotchis with trait ranges in certain directions.


This proposal aims to introduce a Wearables Taask Force (WTF), the idea of which arose from discussions regarding the above concerns. Akin to the FRENS Taask Force, the goal of the WTF would be to assist Pixelcraft in the analysis of the current distribution of items within the ecosystem from a slot, rarity, and trait modifiers perspective, and in how this analysis can best be applied to future items. This Taask Force would NOT have the unilateral ability to determine what and how new items are released, but would function entirely in an advisory capacity.


The nominees for the Taask Force include long term community members who have a wide range of applicable skills, including statistical analysis, programming ability, strong experience in baazaar activity, and prior DAO experience. This Taask Force would greatly benefit from as many voices and perspectives as possible, so all nominations are included.

Establishing this Taask Force would be a major step forward in creating a more balanced ecosystem and helping the AavegotchiDAO mature.

Full list of nominees: Kuwlness, JG1 (Fantasma#1777), Bearded, Actaeon, Thunderfish, Letsgobankless, Kokusho, Ader1990.eth, Machete, Aimo217 (AL#4105), Notorious_BTC, MonsterRNG, Goobz, Diddlypoo


Option 1: Yes, establish the Wearables Taask Force
Option 2: No, don’t establish the Wearables Taask Force


Make sure to join the discussion threads before voting on either of these, as its very important to hear any concerns that are not addressed here in the original verbatim proposals. To be clear, XP rewards go to all voter’s Aavegotchis, not just the ones on the majority side of the results!

With that important point declared, it is now time for GotchiGang to show up and deliver those highly informed votes. A is for Aavegotchi, not apathy!



Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi Team




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