[VOTE] #AGIP7 — Earn XP for Successful Signal Proposals

Proposal Details

Core Proposal: AGIP7 — Earn XP for Successful Signal Proposals
Author: Moon#5262
Gotchi: 3541 (Moon)
Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/xp-for-voting-on-signal-proposals/1528
Proposal Synopsis: Add a 10 XP airdrop for people who voted on Community Proposals that get upgraded to Core.
Required Quorum: 3.2M GHST (20% of current usable supply on Polygon)
Vote Duration: 7 days


Option 1 — Yes, we should give 10 XP for voting on successful SigProps
Option 1 — No, we don’t need to give XP.

Original Proposal Description

by Moon

About AavegotchiDAO

The most engaged, big brain DAO on all of Layer 2 is powered by none other than #GotchiGang. AavegotchiDAO has a direct impact on all things related to Aavegotchi game mechanics. Most importantly, the community directly controls the supply of Aavegotchis by deciding on whether and when a new Haunt of Aavegotchis should be created. So far, only the first Haunt of 10,000 has been minted.



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