[VOTE] #AGIP7 — Earn XP for Successful Signal Proposals

4 min readMay 12, 2021

#AavegotchiDAO is at it again with another ebic XP-earning Core Proposal!

AavegotchiDAO is already one of the most active DAOs in the world, but community member and sole Aassistant Moon had a world-shattering idea — what if we could make the DAO even MORE active??

That’s the premise behind his recent Signal Proposal to give XP rewards for participants of successful Signal Proposals.

You see, some frens live busy lives and have trouble dedicating their entire day to the #GotchiGang (shocking, we know!) and so this Proposal would give them a small incentive for participating in our wonderful governance. This should help more Proposals achieve the required quorum to become SigProps (even if the Proposal itself isn’t successful).

Moon’s Proposal gives 10 XP to all Aavegotchis of each unique address that voted in a Signal Proposal (via Snapshot) that is upgraded into a Core Proposal (like this one!).

VOTE NOW: Snapshot Link

👇Keep reading for full Proposal details 👇

Proposal Details

Core Proposal: AGIP7 — Earn XP for Successful Signal Proposals
Author: Moon#5262
Gotchi: 3541 (Moon)
Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/xp-for-voting-on-signal-proposals/1528
Proposal Synopsis: Add a 10 XP airdrop for people who voted on Community Proposals that get upgraded to Core.
Required Quorum: 3.2M GHST (20% of current usable supply on Polygon)
Vote Duration: 7 days


Option 1 — Yes, we should give 10 XP for voting on successful SigProps
Option 1 — No, we don’t need to give XP.

Vote now: Snapshot Link

Original Proposal Description

by Moon

We currently have a lot of Signal / Community Proposals on Snapshot and new posts on our forum everyday. So far none of those proposals were able to even get close to the quorum of 20%. The most popular one by @JG about adding additional fees for rarity farming only got around 2 million GHST in votes (~11%) — even though the team decided to take it as a Core Proposal. After being upgraded to Core we smashed right through the quorum in less than 24h.

I think there are two pretty obvious reasons for this. On the one hand, our Snapshot is a bit chaotic right now, with some Signal Proposals not following the template at all. On the other hand — and I think this is the more important one — voting on Core Proposal gets you 20 Experience (XP) for your Gotchi.

I propose adding a small Experience drop (10 XP) for people who voted on successful Signal Proposals, meaning ones that reach quorum and get upgraded to Core Proposals. Simply dropping XP for all Community Proposals could result in more low quality suggestions, which shouldn’t be the goal of this proposal.

Even if 10 XP might not be much, it gives people incentives to actually look through the Signal Proposals and vote on quality proposals with a higher chance of reaching quorum. As a DAO, community involvement is extremely important and I believe this is a small, but decent, step in the right direction.

That’s it frens! Every vote counts in reaching quorum, so head to Snapshot and do your civic duty as a Gotchi Gov’nuh!

If this Proposal reaches quorum and passes, all Aavegotchis held by their owners who voted will receive 10 XP! 🎉👻🎉

About AavegotchiDAO

The most engaged, big brain DAO on all of Layer 2 is powered by none other than #GotchiGang. AavegotchiDAO has a direct impact on all things related to Aavegotchi game mechanics. Most importantly, the community directly controls the supply of Aavegotchis by deciding on whether and when a new Haunt of Aavegotchis should be created. So far, only the first Haunt of 10,000 has been minted.

AavegotchiDAO is currently in V1.5 aka COCOON and is working its way toward Metamorphosis, where the treasury, committees, and more decentralized initiatives will be initiated. If you’ve ever wanted to have a direct impact on a game experience, and more importantly, a community, do consider joining!

Ideating, deliberating, advising and voting are well within the community’s scope and they do it all with style. Get some GHST and join the DAO’s main hubs:

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